Claudia Wegener / Radio Continental Drift

radio continental drift celebrates the art of listening and the power of storytelling in local recordings, often in-situ interviews with women on the African continent. The “dramatic” field-recordings are shared under creative commons license with the invitation to global listeners to explore and use the archived audio. A number of joint remix projects, radio shows and compilations with international artists developed from here.

radio continental drift functions as “switchboard” online/ offline connecting local producers and projects, communities and organisations of artists or activists across borders in correspondence of listeners. Local projects include training and develop their own online/ offline infrastructure. The audio and radio projects aim to pass the skills of digital production and tools of distribution in to the hands of the storytellers themselves.

Radio community projects developed with people in the streets of East London (UK) and in the inner city of Johannesburg, with youths in South London, in the townships around Durban, and on road in Kenya and Uganda, with women both sides of the Zambezi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and with African women in Germany.

radio continental drift was founded in 2005 in the streets of Johannesburg by Claudia Wegener a migrant listener with a bag.

radio/ audio productions and broadcasts with/for i.a., WDR Studio Akustische Kunst (D); ORF Kunstradio (A); SR Monitor Swedish Radio; radioart106fm; Radia network; mobile radio; Resonance fm; Audio Arts; open-air radio; cant audio; CRiSAP (UK); Radio Papesse (I); La Danza Poetica (AU); YLE radio1 and Laehradio (Fin); wax-warriors-record-label; Cjam FM (CA); SAFM (RSA); Vibro/ Double Entendre; Collectif MU (F); FSK Hamburg; Datscha Radio; Radio Lippewelle/ Radio Runde Hamm; Gruenrekorder (D); Freies Radio Salzkammergut; Radio Fro/ Dorf TV (A); Joy FM; ZongweFM (Zam).

Kunstradio Broadcasts: