• Wallpaper

    A collection of sound recordings by contributors and founders of the magazine, Wallpaper. The recordings, which range from pure sound generated electronically (Richard Bernas) to listening in to extracts from dream Seminars (Susan Hiller), are as varied as the individuals who make up the Wallpaper group: a writer, musician, poet, sculptor and sociologist.

    Side 1:
    Bill Shepherd-Reading, David Coxhead-The Collected Works, Richard Quarrell-Sum: up to One Hundred and Down, Sue Bonvin - Method of revolving a continuous sound, John Welch -Poems, Anthony McCall-Film with Optical Sound.

    Side 2:
    Anthony Howell-Two Exercises, Richard Bernas-Tuning a Cymbal (E Flat minor), Susan Hiller-Symmetrical Notes from the Dream Seminar (Sept-Dec 1973), Andrew Eden-Reading, Amikam Toren - Untitled. (A)

  • Nice Style at Garage

    A sound catalogue made for their much acclaimed performance at the Garage Gallery by Nice Style, the world's first pose band. The tape features Bruce McLean and Duncan Smith (1974). (B)

  • Richard Quarrell

    A collection or readings by the American artist, Richard Quarrell, concerning combinations of ascending and descending numerical sequences.

    Side 1:
    Four sums with the same answer.

    Side 2:
    Sum for the thirty-first triangular number of twos. (B)

  • Richard Cork, Lethaby Lectures

    Richard Cork, art critic, writer and broadcaster, delivered the Lethaby Lectures at the Royal College of Art on the l4th and 21st November, 1974. The title of the lectures posed the question: Sculpture Now: Dissolution or Redefinition? The lectures define and examine the position of sculpture within contemporary art, seeing current tendencies on the one hand toward dematerialization and reduction of the vocabulary of orthodox sculptural expression (Andre, Bell, Flanagan, Flavin, Judd, Ruckriem and Visser), to radical departures from that tradition that sculpture in the accepted sense is no longer the end product (Bochner, Burn, Fulton, Gilbert and George, Graham, Kosuith, Long and Oppenheim). (2 x B)

  • R. Buckminster Fuller

    R. Buckminster Fuller at Art Net, London, November 1974. The entire lecture, lasting over two hours, provides an introduction to Fuller's fundamental concepts and arguments, as well as providing a unique opportunity to witness the development of his ideas as he speaks. (2 x B)

  • Bijou O'Connor remembers F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Bijou O'Connor's short but intense friendship with Scott Fitzgerald took place during his visits to Europe in the early 20's. In this programme compiled from recordings made during June 1974 and May 1975 in Hove, Sussex, Bijou, in her 8Oth year, gives vivid accounts of times spent with Fitzgerald during the difficult period of Zelda Fitzgerald's failing health. Friendships with Picasso, Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway are also discussed. (A)

  • R. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

    Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not. This twenty minute section Act One of To Have and Have Not - is taken from the radio adaptation, broadcast by CBS on October l4th, 1946. (A)

  • David Troostwyk

    Advertisement of an idea 1976. A condensed recording of the original transmission on Capital Radio, London, of a Soundwork by the artist. (B)

  • <Sorry>: A Minimal Musical in Parts

    Bruce McLean with Silvia Ziranek. A sound/slide work comprising two parts from ~<Sorry~>: 1) <A National Anthem>, 2) <Sorry> Duration 10 minutes + 2 slides. (Presented at Battersea Arts Centre 1977, and Hayward Annual 1979). (B)