• Continuous Diary: lan Breakwell

    A series of descriptions in words and sound based on a live reading by lan Breakwell at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, during the Audio Arts presentation there in September 1977. (A)

  • Collaborations: Readings. Richard Hamilton & Dieter Roth

    The programme comprises readings by the artists recorded at the Haags Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, Holland, and the first performance of their play, Die Grosse Bockwurst with:

    Kevin Atherton Margaret Henry
    Mark Boyle Joan HilIs
    Susan Boyd-Bowman Mary Kelly
    lan Breakwell Ron Kitaj
    Maria Broodthaers Robert Medley
    David Brown Bruce McLean
    Marvin Brown Jane Morant
    Marc Chaimowiz Sandy Nairne
    Michael Craig Martin Ruth Piercy
    Rita Donagh Barbara Reise
    William Furlong Martin Rewcastle
    Gilbert & George Norman Rosenthal
    Peter Green Dieter Roth
    Nigel Greenwood Nick Serota
    Richard HamiltonDuncan Smith
    Jonathan Williams 

    Recorded at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, October 2Oth, 1977. (A)

  • <Interview: Interview> Braco Dimitrijevic

    The cassette includes a read Version of Dimitrijevic's work <Interview> and a series of interviews, the first of which was recorded in 1975, and the last in 1978. The artist talks about the process of becoming historically important, and a predominant theme in his work, <The casual passer-by>. (A)

  • Song For Straphangers: George Buchanan

    The poet George Buchanan reads 35 of his poems including: Office Women, The Cabinet, They Govern us on Paper, A Woman of the World, The Time of our Lives, Against Nature, The Girl Editors, Song for Straphangers and Dinner Party. (A)

  • Beneath the Green Tree, Ted Hickey

    Ted Hickey, Keeper of Art at the Ulster Museum sings a unique collection of Irish traditional songs including: The Emigrant's Farewell, The Week Before Easter, In Praise of the City of Mullingar, The Wicklow Murder Ballad, The Night Before Larry was Stretched, James Connolly, and The Green Banks of Yarrow. The programme also indudes reels and jigs, with Donal Lunny, Andy Dickson and Oliver Brown. (A)

  • <Box> James Coleman

    The cassette starts with a recording of Coleman's installation <Box> at ROSC, an International exhibition of contemporary art held in Dublin in 1977. The artist then describes the work, and its references. (B)

  • The Masterwork>Award Winning Fishkonzert by Bruce McLean & Paul Richards.
    Soundscore by Michael Nyman

    This issue comprises extracts from the soundscore of <The Masterwork> a performance sculpture for the theatre, premiered at Riverside Studios, London in November 1979.

    1. Samples: of the musical materials of the structuring processes composed by Michael Nyman and performed by the Michael Nyman Band (July1979).
    2. Readings from <The Masterwork>script in four parts with four voices reducing to one. (A)

  • <Audio Scene> 79, Modern Art Galeria, Vienna

    The Symposium and performances were recorded in Schloss Lenenfeld, Krems (200km from Vienna) on July 6, 7 & 8 1979.
    This unedited sound document of the entire 3 day event comprises 6 x C120 cassettes. The Symposium was in both German and English.

    Cassette Number:
    1. Performance: Arleen Schloss, Joachim Diederichs: John Cage.
    2. Peter Frank: Fluxus and Music. Antje von Graevenitz: Blank Out/Music & Anarchy.
    3. Antje von Graevenitz cont'd...
    George F Schwarzhauer: Performance and Sound, Performance: Jana Haimsohn.
    4. Jana Haimsohn cont'd...
    Maurizio Nannucci: Sound and Communication.
    5. Maurizio Nannucci cont'd...
    Performance: Hank Bull, Michael Köhler, William Furlong and Bob George
    6. Artists sound works, publishing and distribution. Köhler, Furlong & George cont'd...
    Performance: Aperque, Art on Radio: Ian Murray, Heidi Grundmann, Hans Otto. (5 x A)

  • The State of British Art: A Debate

    A complete, un-edited recording of the debates that took place at the Institute of Contemporary Art in February 1978. This series of 16 cassettes represents a unique sound document of British Contemporary Art in the late 1970's comprising:

    The Crisis in Professionalism
    Richard Cork, Peter Fuller, Robyn Denny, Mary Kelly, & Rene Gimpel.
    Who Needs Training?
    Andrew Brighton, Ray Watkinson, David Hockney, Michael Finn, Peter de Francia.
    The Multinational Style
    John Tagg, Caroline Tisdall (paper read), Patrick Heron, Alan Bowness, Rasheed Araeen.
    Why Not Popular?
    Peter Fuller, Andrew Brighton, Naseem Khan, James Faure Walker, Paul Waplington.
    Images of People
    Richard Cork, Terry Atkinson, Reg Butler, Lisa Tickner, Joseph Herman and Victor Burgin.

    In addition to the above speakers many others contributed to the discussions. (16 x B)