• Vertical Living
    Stephen Willats

    This series of interviews were made by the artist during his work, <Vertical Living>, carried out in a tower block in Hayes, West London. Participants talk from their living rooms about various aspects of the work and discuss their reactions to being involved and its impact on residents in the tower block.
    With project operators: Lewis Biggs, Mike Archer and Visitors, Richard Cork and Fenella Crichton. (C60 + 4 slides). (A)

  • Interview
    Tadeusz Kantor

    This interview with the artist and theatre director Tadeusz Kantor was recorded at Riverside Studios during his highly successful production there of <Wielopole-Wielopole>. The interview, conducted in French, is considered to be one of the most important carried out in recent years. The cassette is accompanied by a book containing an English translation by Cyril Barrett. (C60 + 8 page book).(8A)

  • Rapid Eye Movements
    Roger Doyle

    Composer Roger Doyle presents two works on this cassette:
    Rapid Eye Movements and Fin-Estra. Although Doyle works primarily in the recording studio, he uses sound recorded from everyday life to build complicated <walls of sound>. In <Fin-Estra>, he combines transformed orchestral sounds accompanied by children playing outside the studio window. Rapid Eye Movements is an evocative composition of beach sounds, conversation and menacing electronic effects. (A)

  • Body Music
    Jean-Paul Curtay

    On one side of the cassette Jean-Paul Curtay, former member of the Lettrist movement, outlines his body music concept and how it relates to other works such as the Ursonate by Schwitters. On the other side of the cassette Curtay performs Body Music. «His manner was striking. lt was intense and somewhat alarming. lt was not a lullaby ...» (John Cage Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 1980). (A)

  • Laurie Anderson

    An interview recorded at Riverside Studios in London, October 19th, concerning the work <United States>, parts 1, 2 & 3 (1981). (B)

  • Anti Music

    A cassette sampler of music and performance groups who work and live in Australia, compiled by John Nixon (1982). (A)

  • Jean Tinguely
    Sculpture at the Tate Gallery

    Recordings of thirteen of Tinguely's sculptures made during his retrospective at the Tate Gallery, 1982. The tape includes an 18 minute performance by Meta-Harmonie 11. (A)

  • Dennis Oppenheim
    The Diamond Cutter's Wedding

    An interview with Oppenheim on the occasion of his exhibitions at the Ikon and Lewis/Johnstone Galleries. (A)

  • Everybody's Doing it

    Sections of an interview with Bruce McLean from a <Walters Weekly> radio broadcast (BBC Radio 1) <cut up> and with added music by Bill Johnson. (B)