• Joseph Beuys

    Two interviews with William Furlong and Michael Newman recorded at the opening of his exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. (1983). (A)

  • Francesco Clemente

    The artist talks about bis concurrent exhibitions in London, <The Midnight Sun> cycle at the Anthony d'Offay Gallery, and <The Fourteen Stations> at the Whitechapel Art Gallery (1983). (B)

  • Steve WiIlats
    Inside The Night

    A montage of music and statements from the denizens of London's alternative club scene. (B)

  • Silvia C. Ziranek

    Cooking with G * D (I(H)ate Solitude).
    Eight recipes in pink and gold by performance artist Silvia C. Ziranek, September 1983. (A)

  • Richard Lang

    in conversation with William Furlong with readings of eight works by the artist which are as follows: A Moved Line/ Dartmoor 1983, Mountains to Mountains/Ireland 1980, A Straight Northward Walk Across Dartmoor/1979, The Isle Of Wight As Six Walks/1982, A Four Day Walk/England 1980, Mississippi River Driftwood/Louisiana 1981, Granite Line/Dartmoor 1980, A Five Day Walk/England 1980. (Recorded 1985) (A)

  • Terry Atkinson and Jan Bird

    talking on art and cultural politics. This tape contains conversations on the work Terry Atkinson has been doing over the past ten years. Starting with the First Wonrld War paintings first shown at the Robert Self Gallery in 1976, Atkinson and Bird go on to discuss the later war paintings, the <Blue Skies> series, the <Trotsky Postcard> series and current work around the themes of nuclear war and Northern Ireland. Throughout these discussions, the development of the work is contextualised within the history of Atkinson's teaching career, his theoretical, professional and domestic influences, and his early involvement with Art & Language. (1985) (A)

  • Bow Gamelan Ensemble:

    Nine works performend by Ann Bean, Richard Wilson, P. D. Burwell. Works indude, Water/Iron, Pyrophones, Tumble Dryer with Mixed Contents, Motorised Metal Percussion, Arc Welder, Whistling Worm Fan/Bagpipes with Dinghy Pump/Hooters and Horns, When 1 Grow Rich, Steam Whistles/Blow Torches/Siren, Solos and 1 Trio. (A)

  • Charlie Hooker & Performers.

    A compilation of excerpts from live performances 1981-1984 in both indoor and outdoor locations: Restricted Movement, Closedown, Transitions 3, Undercurrents 2, Oxo, Accordians Afloat, Night in Bike City. (A)

  • Georg Baselitz
    <The Painters Equipment>

    A lecture/event in German and English presented by Georg Baselitz & Richard Stokes at The Royal Academy of Arts, London in December 1987. The event was organised to coincide with the Baselitz exhibition. <Sculpture and Early Woodcuts> held at the Anthony d'Offay Gallery during December and January 1988. (A)