• Art Projects Beyond the Gallery

    A conference organised by the ICA in London to consider recent public artworks both in Britain and Europe and to explore the debates surrounding art realised beyond the context of the gallery. Contributors include: Sandy Nairne (Chairman), James Lingwood, Jan Hoet, Kasper König, Sutapa Biswas, Saskia Bos, Jean de Loisy, Deanna Petherbridge and Antony Gormley. (3 x A)

  • Stuart Brisley & Maya Balciougiu

    On this cassette the artists discuss their collaborative three -part work which comprised two full pages published in the national and international Guardian newspaper in March 1989 and an installation at the Air Gallery titled <Bourgeois Manners No 3: Insight Unseen<. (A)

  • John Cage
    Art is Either A Complaint or Do Something Else

    These texts come from statements by Jasper Johns taken from Mark Rosenthal's <asper John work since 1984>, Philadelphia Museum of Art 1988. They are notes about Johns' statements, and because of the way they are written, other statements are produced. (John Cage 1989) This reading took place during the exhibition, <Dancers on a Plane> held at the Anthony d'Offay Gallery in 1989, featuring the work of John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Jasper Johns. (A)