60 SOUND PIECES BY 60 ARTISTS 1910 - 1998

A sound column in the center of Bregenz is playing from 11.7 - 15.8.'98 pieces of the following artists:

Vito Acconci, Ten Packed Minutes, 1977

Charles Amirkhanian, Just, 1972
RadioArchive: "Hörstücke..."
RadioArchive: "Loudspeakers"

Laurie Anderson, It's Not The Bullet That Kills You-It's The Hole (for Chris Burden), 1976 (click for RealAudio) ;
Two Songs For The Tape Bow Violin, 1977
Le Pont Mirabeau, 1913

Art & Language & The Red Crayola, A Portrait of V.I. Lenin in the Style of Jackson Pollock, Part I, 1980

Antonin Artaud, Pour en finir avec le jugment de dieu, 1947

Robert Ashley, Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon, 1968;
The Backyard, aus der Oper für Fernsehen -Perfect Livesì, 1984 (click for RealAudio)

Hugo Ball, Karawane, 1916;
Wolken, 1916;
Katzen und Pfauen, 1916;
Totenklage, 1916;
Gadji beri bimba, 1916;
Seepferdchen und Flugfische, 1916

Giacomo Balla, Discussione sul futurismo di due critici sudanesi, 1914;
Macchina Tipografica, 1914;
Paesaggio + Temporale, 1914

Ros Bandt, Fleet, water, condiut hose, aus: Improvisations in Acoustic Chambers (Tank Pieces), 1979
RadioArchive: "Pillars of Memory"

Gottfried Bechtold, Fünf kleine Pyramiden, 1985

Robert Berry, Otherwise, 1981 (click for RealAudio)

Joseph Beuys, Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne, 1970

Jean-Louis Brau, Instrumentation Verbale (Face 2), 1963

Georg Brecht, Comb Music (Comb Event), 1959-62

Georg Brecht and James Tenney with Georg Maciunas, Entrance ..., 1962;
Exit ..., 1962

Hank Bull/Patrick Ready, H. P. Sampler, ca. 1979
RadioArchive: "Radiokunst bei CFRO VANCOUVER, II"
RadioArchive: "DRAVIDIA, Klänge aus Südindien"

Chris Burden, The Atomic Alphabet

Christian Boltanski, Reconstruction de Chanson Qui Ont Et Chant es Christian Boltanski (1944-46), 1972

John Cage/David Tudor, New Aspect of Form in Instrumental and Electronic Music, 1959

Henri Chopin, new departure, aus: Audiopoemes, 1969

Philip Corner, Carrot Chew Performance, 1964

Diego Cortez, Cataract Monologue (Auszug aus: -April Meetingì, Belgrad 1976)

Douglas Davis, How To Make Love To a Sound

Marcel Duchamp, Musical Erratum; Some texts from A l'infinitif (1912-20), 1967 (click for RealAudio)
RadioArchive: "Radio Interview with M.D. /Bill Furlong"

Jean Dubuffet, Gai savoir, aus: Expériences Musicales, 1961

Brian Eno, 2/1, aus: Ambient 1, Music for Airports, 1978

Valie Export/Monsti Wiener, alkohol, aus: Wahre Freundschaft, 1978

Wildman Fisher, Fish Heads, 1981; Christmas Tree, 1981

Terry Fox, The Labyrinth Scored For The Purrs of 11 Different Cats, 1976 (Auszug) (click for RealAudio)
RadioArchive: "Terry Fox"

John Giorno, Give It to Me, Baby, 1967

Jack Goldstein, The Quivering Earth, 1977 (Auszug)

Raoul Hausmann, Soundrel, 1919;
Poemes Phonetiques, 1919-1943;
Phoneme bbbb, 1956/57

Dick Higgins, Danger Music Number Seventeen, 1962

Arthur Honegger, Pacific 231, 1923

Richard Huelsenbeck, Vier Gedichte, aus: Phantastische Gebete, 1916

Eric Idle/Neil Innes, Gibberish, 1976

Patrick Ireland, Vowel Drawing, 1967

Joe Jones, Flux Music Box, 1966

Allan Kaprow, How to Make a Happening, 1966

Klammer/Gründler Duo, Razionalnik, 1987 (click for RealAudio)
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RadioArchive: J. Klammer "ArtSat"
RadioArchive: "Han und Amin"
RadioArchive: J. Klammer "Notizen aus Nordindien.."
RadioArchive: J. Klammer "Goldstimme - E.G. Radio 3"
RadioArchive: J. Klammer "Goldstimme - E.G. Radio 3"

Milan Knizak, Bossa Nova Suite, 1990 (click for RealAudio)

Alison Knowles, Nivea Cream Piece-for Oscar (Emmett) Williams, 1962

Takehisa Kosugi, Micro 1, 1962

Piotr Kowalski/William S. Burroughs, You Only Call The Old Doctor Once
La Monte Young, 89 VI 8 c. 1:42-1:52 AM Paris Encore from Poem for Chairs, Tables, Benches etc., 1960

G. X. Jupitter-Larsen, Explosions 3, aus: The Haters, in the Shade of Fire, 1986
RadioArchive: "Radiokunst bei CFRO VANCOUVER, I"
RadioArchive: "Final"
RadioArchive: "Building Empty Holes"
RadioArchive: "Building Empty Holes II"
RadioArchive: "The Thinking Ross Did"

Maurice Lemaitre, Lettre Rock, 1958

Arrigo Lora-Totino & Fogliati, Poesia Totale, 1968

Georg Maciunas, Solo for Lips and Tongue (ensemble), 1961-1977

Jackson Mac Low, A Piece for Sari Dienes, 1960

Filippo T. Marinetti, La Battaglia di Adrianopoli, 1924;
Sintesi musicali futuristi, 1931;
5 Sintesi dal Teatro Radiofonico (click for RealAudio)
"Futurism and Radio Art"

Tom Marioni, Piss Piece, 1970
RadioArchive: "The Yellow Sound for Kandinsky"

Richard Maxfield, Electronic Music - Pastoral Symphony, 1960;
Bacchanale, 1963;
Piano Concert for David Tudor, 1960; Amazing Grace, 1960

Meredith Monk, Rally, aus der Oper -Quarry, 1975/76

Larry Miller, Lullaby for Georg Maciunas, 1971

Ian Murray, Radius Etch-Flock Repetition, 1970

Richard Nonas, What Do You Know, 1976/77

Pauline Oliveros, Beautiful Soop, 1966; Alien Bog, 1967

Yoko Ono/John Lennon, Revolution No.9, 1968;
Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins, 1968;
Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions, 1969

Roman Opalka, 1965/1 - Detail 2 981 421 - 3 008 116, 1980 (click for RealAudio)

Dennis Oppenheim, Broken Record Blues, 1976

Marie Osmond, Karawane, 1984

Lou Reed, Metal Machine Music, 1975

Mimo Rotella, Poemi Fonetici, 1949-75

Antonio Russolo, Corale and Serenata, 1921 (click for RealAudio)

Luigi Russolo, Risveglio di una città 1913;
Veglio di una Citta, 1914

Walter Ruttmann, Wochenende, 1930

R. Murray Schafer, Ocean Sounds, aus: The Vancouver Soundscape, 1972/73 (click for RealAudio)

Edwin Schlossberg, Vibrations/Metaphors

Thomas Schmitt, No. 13 from Sanitas - 200 Theatre Pieces, 1962

Kurt Schwitters, Die Sonate in Urlauten, 1919-32 (click for RealAudio) ;
Simultangedicht kaa gee dee, 1919;
WW, 1922;
boo, 1926;
naa, 1926;
bii büll ree, 1936;
Obervogelsang, 1946;
Niesscherzo e Hustenscherzo, 1937;
Cigarren, 1921;
The real disuda of the nightmare, 1946,

Tom Sherman, Joanie, Trend You See, 1979 (click for RealAudio)

David Smith, Typewriter in D

Michael Snow, Musik for Piano, Whistling Microphone & Tape Recorder, 1975 (Auszug)

The Residents, The Residents Commercial Album, 1980 (Auszug)

Throbbing Gristle, Slug Bait, ICA, aus: 2nd Annual Report, 1977

Yasunao Tone, Anagram for Strings, 1961

Trio DA DA DA ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha, 1982

David Tudor, Three Works for Live Electronics - Pulsers, 1976;
Untitled, 1972;
Phonemes, 1981

Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck, L' amiral cherche une maison á louer, 1916

Robert Watts and Larry Miller, Laff Trace, 1983 Performer: Georg Maciunas.
Tape collage by Miller form original tape recorded by Miller from original tape recorded by Watts, Mountainville, NJ, 1968

Lawrence Weiner, A Bit of Matter & A Little Bit More, 1976 (click for RealAudio)

Gregory Whitehead, Pleasure of Ruins .

Emmett Williams, Cellar Song for Five Voices, ca. 1960;
Voice Piece for La Monte Young, 1963

Gil J. Wolman, La Mémoire, Mégapneumes 67