KUNSTRADIO RADIOKUNST - Sunday 23:05 - 24:00
  • a national and international node for the artistic and theoretical exploration of art & telecommunications.

  • an "on air"- gallery for live and recorded projects. Radio as the site, content and context of art. The exploration of radio as a constantly changing constituent medium in the contemporary mediascape.

  • an interface providing international artists of various backgrounds and traditions with access to the means of production, expertise and broadcasting available in public radio at the end of the twentieth century.

  • an agency for realizing artistic projects which connect radio with other material and immaterial public spaces and art spaces, - projects, which create images of the electronic/digital communications landscape of the present and future.

  • one of the points in the international network of the ARS ACUSTICA experts group of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

  • an organiser of international lectures and symposia on the theory of art in data space.