BRTN Radio 3, Belgium

A weekly radio art program on RADIO3 each friday at 22.30.

The friday night edtition of this late-night broadcast by Bart Stouten (producer), Martine Ketelbuters (director) and Ward weis (radio art composer) sets out to focus on any new work of art written or composed for the radio medium.

Formerly known as the "radio drama hour" from which it emerged after realising widely acclaimed series (with introductory features) on S.Beckett, T. Stoppard, H.Pinter and new Flemish writers, as well as genuinely contemporary radio art broadcasts (some of which are live), this program has invigorated the concept of former radio plays in a "program with drama features" that has gained national and international attention for the way in which it creates space for experimental radio, involving the latest technologies and acting techiques. Sound as a character is explored, the radiophonic merits of texts written exclusively for radio art tested using qualified voices acquainted with the lastest developments in acting, in an effort to establish new relationships between the elements at the heart of a "genuine radio" - experience. Introducing "new" drama, Zegge en Schrijve aims at a fresh thinking about radio conventionalities and opportunities for the future drama.