• "LYDMUREN" (The Sound Boom or Sound Wall) is a sound art program by DR, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, P1. It is aired on Thursdays at 23.15 (11.15 p.m.) and repeated the following Saturday five minutes after midnight. (Local Time).

  • "LYDMUREN" brings you Ars Acustica or Radio Art from all over the world. Musical Poetry, sound tales, sound sculptures, Internet Radio, and a collage/montage programme, called "Lydpotten".

  • "LYDMUREN" examines earbased experiences, imaginary formations around the earlobe, the cordic organ and the temble bone. Any audible sound, word, voice, noise and artificial sound can be part of a sound composition.

  • "LYDMUREN" has construction tools and professional sound processors available. Sound artists and musicians work here on all hours of the day, producing their special contributions to "Lydmuren".

  • "LYDMUREN" is:
    Peter Kristiansen, Martin Jakobsen, Inge Faarborg, and Kirsten Maegaard.

e-mail: ptk@dr.dk

"Lydmuren" also invites proposals for sound/radio art works. The address is:
"Lydmuren", Danmarks Radio P1, Julius Thomsensgade 14B, 1999 Frederiksberg C, Denmark.