RADIO 1 Ostankino, Moscow

Radio 1 Ostankino broadcasts 22 hours a day over Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Baltic States.
Two synchronized transmitting networks comprise 65 long and medium wave, 12 short wave and 183 FM transmitters. That system provides the stable program reception in each of the ten time zones of Russia and the CIS. An audience of 300 million listeners can receive the program of Radio 1

The main editorial boards of Radio 1 Ostankino are:
  • "Publicist" journalist editorial deals with news and current affairs.
  • "Smena" editorial prepares educational and training programs, radio drama and journalistic programs for children and teenagers.
  • The music editorial covers all types of musical programs.
  • The "Orpheus" program broadcasts 18 hours of serious music every day.