ARS SONORA was created in 1985 by Francisco Felipe and José Iges, as a broadcast series for RNE Radio 2. The criteria for ARS SONORA were transmission, production and promotion of Sound Art and, especially, Radio Art. Those possibilities increased after1988, when a series of co-productions with the Spanish Ministry of Culture CNNTE and CDMC - and collaborations with other institutions, such as COM`92, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Goethe Institut of Madrid began.

ARS SONORA has also collaborated with the international radio corporations belonging to the "Ars Acustica" group since its founding of in 1989.

ARS SONORA is, speaking in computer terms, like a "platform" where the "hardware" would be the technical devices, infrastructure and teams of a national public radio such as RNE; its "software" is formed of the criteria and strategies of production, promotion and transmission of its products.

Broadcasting for one hour per week on Radio 2 Clásica`s - a channel specialising in "serious music" - ARS SONORA is the only window to sound events and manifestations such as sound poetry, new radio-drama, radio-performances, installations, soundscapes or electroacoustic music.