, Stockholm

The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation has always had - and still has - radioprograms with information about all the different new art forms. Especially the sounding ones like drama and music. When SR opened its experimental studio in 1964 the purpose was to create a useful tool for electroacustic music production.

The art form "Text-sound composition" was launched in Stockholm 1967 by the Language group of the society for new arts, FYLKINGEN, which in collaboration with SR arranged Text-sound festivals yearly between 1968 and 1977. Since 1979 SR annually offers the EBU-members The Stockholm Electronic Music Festival which always contains recordings from sound installations, multimedia events and electro-acoustic music. Each year 3 or 4 young Swedish audio artists/composers are commisioned to compose pieces for SR.

Swedish radio listeners can find experimental and electroacoustic art/music on SR Program 2, every week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Berndt R Berndtson
SR Pgrm 2, Serious Music