The Studio Akustische Kunst (Studio Acoustic Art) is recognized within the international radioworld as one of the centres of promoted production of Ars Acustica and also of mediaresearch. More than 1000 audiopieces, documentations and interpretations about sound art have been produced and broadcast. With a weekly program lasting 90 minutes on WDR 3 (Tuesday, 21:00) and broadcasting time on WDR Radio 5 (Monday, 15:00), Studio Akustische Kunst understands itself as an open workshop for German and international artists who come from many different artistic fields, also as a forum for a diversity of media-specific activities.

Since 1963 a concept has been developed, in which the audio-pieces presented build part of a theme, relating them to one another, in a surrounding program which is commentated throughout. It integrates the various radiophonic means of broadcasting: essay, documentation, feature, radio spots as well as conversations with composers, authors, producers, technicians and scientists. This conception allows the listener to encounter and gain deeper insight into the spectrum of a current media-art. These variable forms of program are supplemented by the combination of single works of sound art to a programmatic series: these make the recognition of complex developements and links with other art forms more transpararent for the listener.

The spectrum of production stretches from acoustic literature and sound poetry, multi-lingual collage, polyphonic compositons, soundscapes, (Satellite) sound-sculptures, puplic performances up to experiments in the field of new electro-acoustic technologies. Numerous of these realisations have been awarded international prizes.

In its regular events the Studio Akustische Kunst presents many of its productions together with the artists as inter-media performances outside the radio. With its productions, the Studio Akustische Kunst is often a guest at numerous international media-festivals, symposia and art exhibitions. The piloting activities of the Studio Akustische Kunst are documentated in several books, CDs and other publications. The furtherance of acoustic art and its international interchange is aided by a competition which is regularly awarded by the Studio Akustische Kunst and which shares the same name with the WDR Prix Acustica International to which it is connected.

Klaus Schöning
Head of Studio Akustische Kunst
Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln