The "European Broadcasting Union" (EBU), with its headquarters in Geneva, is the world's largest professional association of national broadcasters. Originally founded in 1950, the EBU merged in 1993 with the "International Radio and Television Organization" (OIRT) - thereby expanding to 66 active members in 49 European and Mediterranean countries plus 51 associate members in 30 countries in Africa, the Americas, and Asia.

The group of Ars Acustica experts, ARS ACUSTICA International, was constituted in 1988 at the EBU Radio Drama Conference in Florence. Its members are the editors and producers responsible for radio art productions in European, North American und Australian public broadcasting organisations.

The group holds one or two meetings each year in different places, more often than not in conjunction with radio art manifestations like "Audiobox" in Matera, "Makrofon" in Wroclaw, "Radio Beyond" in London, "Ciudades Invisibiles" in Madrid, "Wings of Sound" in Helsinki. At each meeting the group grew in numbers and in the strength of its identity based on strong convictions about the necessity for an art reflecting the development and change of radio in our society.

ARS ACUSTICA International serves as a node for the exchange of radio art productions, project proposals, for the exchange of information about activities and events in the field of media-art in the different countries, for the discussion of current trends in the theory and practice of radio-art and connected fields, and for the realisation of co-productions.

ARS ACUSTICA International Projects

In 1992 the group produced the CD "Ars Acustica EBU Selection 1991" and, in 1995, the double Audio CD, Ars Acustica International - EBU Selection 1994 that provides an overview of the aims and intentions - and achievements - of the Ars Acustica group.

The ARS ACUSTICA group contributed to a variety of radio art festivals and symposia and organized own events. In June 1995 the group realized the 24 hour live radio and network project HORIZONTAL RADIO. And the Horizontal Radio double CD with samples from over 100 hours of international radio sound selected by Rupert Huber was published in 1996. The CDs can be ordered from Kunstradio.

In 1996 the group organized the radio and internet project RIVERS&BRIDGES with participants and projects in more than 20 countries all over the world.

On December 4, 1997, the project STATION TO STATION, a web- and broadcasting event was part of RECYCLING THE FUTURE, the event celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kunstradio.