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for Ars Electronica

The Mighty Resonator

during ARS ELECTRONICA Avatar will present one intervention each day (of 15 minutes) from tuesday sept. 09 to friday sept.12 at noon (6pm in Linz, Austria). this material will also be accessible via RealAudio files as of thursday september 11. we are organizing the interventions with the following classifications:

no. 1 sounds within objects (suffocated)

no. 2 sound in the air (airborne)

no. 3 sounds within the body (private)

no. 4 the final intervention will combine the
      elements gathered throughout the first 3
      (a trinity plus one). this 4th intervention
      will be presented on the last day on
      friday and also during the live radio art
      program organized by Kunstradio.

on reason

what is a sound like when it isn't heard? what is the sound of a thought about sound? how do we make up a sound? how do we imagine it? are the instruments in our imagination ready to be heard?

on electronica

we invite you to send your conceptual sounds and the ingredients used to produce them. search within yourself; somewhere in between your favourite recipe and a mystical ritual: the list of ingredients is only limited by your imagination (it could be an object, an emotion, a mathematical formula, an alien, a nanoscopic biological mutation, ...) we invite you to use those brain synapse-to-modem protocol translators and send words that make noise.

on resonances

with the Mighty Resonator, Avatar is undertaking the construction of a meta-instrument. we will combine, merge, interlace each contribution to the other. it will be an ongoing mutating process.

on excavation

the foundations of this instrument of meta proportions (Avatar's Mighty Resonator) rest on the collaborative process (as a kind of exquisite corpse - cadavre exquis) and the cut-up (hommage to William S. Burroughs and his propensity to leak the future).