by Marlene Streeruwitz

1st Colour Slide.

Emily Tekst is sitting on a banister. She is holding on to a column. The banister and column are painted green. A rich dark shade of green. Emily's feet are crossed at the ankles. The banister could be part of a balcony. Or a porch. Trees in the background. Emily is wearing a dark, short-sleeved dress. White socks. She could be 14. Or younger. Emily is smiling. Sure. Reassuring. Somehow.

1st Footnote.
Since the arrival of the telegram, space is no longer important for information. Information exists only in time. Needs only time.

2nd Footnote.

Since the telegram, space is of no importance for money. Money exists only in time. Needs only time so it can accumulate interest and compound interest.

2nd Colour Slide.

Emily Tekst is sitting on a bench. A park bench. Her arms are stretched out. She is wearing a dark coat and dark boots. On the right in front of the bench there is a German Shepherd. It is looking ahead watchfully. There are bushes behind Emily. Trees. They are bare. The sun is shining. There are a few small clouds in the blue sky.

3rd Footnote.

Information cannot multiply in time like money. Money is superior.

4th Footnote.

Is that which is happening and therefore passing, has just passed, transitory, too?

3rd Colour Slide.

4 persons are standing in front of a cross on a mountain top. The cross is almost completely in the picture. The sky is grey. Overcast. The persons are huddled together. The wind is blowing from the left. Tearing on people's clothes. Emily cannot be seen in the picture. She took the photograph of fellow students on the mountain top.

5th Footnote.

Is the immediacy of being right now in a position to be transitory? Or. Does immediacy remain in the irrememberable past and is thus recorded material according to the rules applying to the unconscious in the respective case.

4th Colour Slide.

A table in an inn. Emily is sitting between a woman and a man. The three are raising wine glasses. They are laughing. Emily has a Courrèges hairstyle. On the wall behind the three persons there are a hayfork and rake. Crossed.

6th Footnote.

Is an unborrowed here and now the illustration of communication or the description of the final incapacity to communicate by such communication. Does that mean that if I wanted to have sounds from outer space transmitted, or the traffic news that are on at the moment, or the current stock exchange prices, or if I am chatting on the Internet, that this is a representation of communication. A performance. Or. That I am describing communication as impossible in an operatic or idyllic gesture on the immediacy of what is now. Thus reverting to the nationalist tragedy that involves the fatal collision of entities of meaning as defined by patriarchy?

5th Colour Slide

A wedding picture. Emily is sitting in front of a dark-green velvet curtain in a black suit. She is holding a bouquet of yellow roses. She is looking up at a man. The man is standing. He is bending down to her. They are smiling at each other.

7th Footnote.

If information exists always and everywhere, then the always and everywhere of the one God is simulated. Of the one God who knows everything and sees everything. About us. And for us. How far has our de-colonialisation and the de-colonialisation of information developed so that a non-hierarchical and thus new use of the information/time tangent is possible?

6th Colour Slide.

Emily is sitting under an orange-red parasol. She is sitting in a deckchair on a flat sandy beach. Her torso is in the shade. Her legs are tanned and shine in the sun. She is wearing a black swimsuit. Emily is holding her sunglasses in her hand. She is holding a book in the other hand. She is smiling. More parasols and deckchairs can be seen in the background.

8th Footnote.

In what way are the access rules of information and to information shaped by money, which is after all leading a symbiotic life with information?

7th Colour Slide.

Emily is sitting on a camel. She is wearing white slacks, a white blouse and a white headscarf bound back. She is holding on to the horn on the camel's saddle. She is smiling. Warily. Behind the camel there is a desert landscape. A man in a white burnous is holding the camel by the mouth.

9th Footnote.

If, since the Renaissance, art was the special that was salvaged from the general determined by religion, art in the general that has ceased to be determined by religion does not have to disintegrate into anything special any longer and thus become general. Anything can become art. However. Is the general no longer determined by religion? Has secularisation succeeded which must be the pre-requisite for such a disintegration of art? Or. Does art as the salvaged special acquire the function of resistance wherein reference must be made to the unsuccessful secularisation?

8th Colour Slide.

Emily is standing on a lawn with two men. In the background there are stairs leading up to a villa. The three are holding champagne glasses in their hand. They all look satisfied. Emily is wearing a green suit and green pumps. She has grown her hair long again.

10th Footnote.

Resistance must constitute itself in 4 dimensions. Does that mean that resistance no longer exists in surroundings that have forsaken space. That it is no longer possible. That it is no longer required? Must we no longer be afraid?

9th Colour Slide.

A wedding picture. Emily is wearing an off-white suit. She is holding a bouquet of orchids. She is standing next to the man. They are leaning against each other and look straight into the camera. Amused. Astonished. A bright light is shining in the background.

11th Footnote.

Does the transformation of war into a two-dimensional video game with perspective illusion mean that nothing can happen to us any more?

10th Colour Slide.

The baby is lying on a blue blanket. It is asleep. The baby is lying on its belly. The head is turned to the side. Its arms are stretched out. Its small hands are next to its head. They are clenched in fists.

12th Footnote.

Death occurs in space. It is the turn out of time into space by virtue of the end of time. Does that mean that everything that is reduced to time does not have to die? That we do not feel pain any longer? Do not have to. Do not die any longer. Do not have to die?

11th Colour Slide.

Emily is standing in a garden gateway. She is wearing a white dress. A Grace Kelly bag on her bent left arm. The right hand is hanging down. The green garden gate is open to the foreground right. Emily is looking at the camera. She has her legs pressed together.

12th Colour Slide.

Emily is sitting in a park. Palms. The picture shows her profile. She is wearing a patterned silk dress. Dark sandals. She is very slim. She is looking at nothing in particular.

13th Colour Slide.

Emily is standing in front of the entry of the church of Heiligenkreuz monastery with an old man and an old woman. The Gothic frame of the church portal stands out very clearly. The rays of the sun light the scene from the right. The two old people are white-haired. They are wearing camel-hair coats. Emily is slightly taller than the two. The old woman is smiling. The old man is serious. Emily is wearing a dark coat. The sun is shining.