A Kunstradio Project in Four Episodes
"Future Shock" is a term coined by Alvin Toffler a few years ago and since then the shock has become a part of the status quo - a status quo of permanent change. Technology is evolving so rapidly in these last years of the 20th Century that it has almost become necessary to discard or update our notions and images of the future every month or two. Artists have not remained unaffected by this orgy of technical/digital innovation - on the contrary - the arts have usually been one of the first areas to feel the full pressure of the innovations in technical media. The present multiplicity of types of artwork - and the ways in which the new media and traditional media are being combined and (re-)mixed - is evidence of the energy that artists of all disciplines are exerting to meet the challenge of the new media environment.

RECYCLING THE FUTURE takes a closer look at the new art practices and the theories which underly them -- with a special focus on "Sampling", "Collaging", "Recycling" and "Re-mixing" of sounds, images, objects, ideas, histories and futures which is a central theme and technique in much of the new art.