1) Next Stop, A Hundred And Third Street...
2) More Facts On The Polywave
3) The transexpansion numeral unit (TNU)

Next Stop, A Hundred And Third Street ...

G.X. Jupitter-Larsen

The difference between white and pink noise is basic. White noise is the accumulative effect of everything happening everytime. Pink noise is the accumulative effect of somethings happening sometimes.

The accumulative effect known as pink noise is approximately a 1/f spectrum. That is an "equal power per decade of frequency". As the additional noise voltage created by the effect of resistance fluctuations when an externally applied current flows through a resistor, most noise-generating devices produce some pink noise.

Pink noise is present in much of nature; such as the speed of ocean currents, the flow of sand in an hourglass, and the flow of traffic on any highway. Measure the annual flow of any river surveyed over the last 2000 years, and you will find it. If you plot the loudness of any ongoing sound versus time, you will get a l/f spectrum. This is the accumulative effect known as pink noise.

Pink noise has equal noise power per octave, whereas white noise has equal power per hertz. The flat spectrum of white noise is an effect that would best be described as a "steady" stream.

Running may not be as fast as standing still. One concept of white noise is that your movements are more continuous when you're standing still then when you're otherwise mobile. The logic being that the planet still carries you along even when you are not moving.

One concept of movement is that the mind has no effect on any action done by the body. The mind just sits in a constant state of measuring whatever action the body is performing. These measurements however are calculated so quickly that the mind will occasionally fool itself into thinking that it is really mandating the movements, not the body.

I once made the mistake of talking to this one stranger on a New York Subway train. The man, who turned out to be an electrician, was more than a little confrontational. I just didn't feel the need to be part of a discussion on monostable multivibrators and their idiosyncrasies. Instead I just sat there riding the train, listening to the noises of the subway.

2) More Facts On The Polywave
3) The transexpansion numeral unit (TNU)

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