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E-mail from BBC London (26 06 1995)
E-mail from Matt Thompson (04.07.95)
Fax from Matt Thompson / E-mail from BBC Director (July 1995)

Draft 21june 5pm


    In At:

        16:44.44 Kaliedescope ends

        back anno Kaliedescope.

Radio 4 Con presentation announcement:
16: 45: 05And now European short story. We present a joint BBC EU programme as part of Horizontal radio.

Throughout Europe, and other places that consider themselves European, radio stations have been linked together in a vast network.

All day artists, musicians and poets have gathered for this virtual radiophonic gathering.

For the next 15 minutes Radio 4's Short Story will be directly linked to radio stations in: Naples, Helsinki, Berlin, Moscow, Madrid and Belgrade. Poets there have been asked to muse over the theme "I'm a European?...Now."

We present the first ever live short story -
"Circle of Stars"

DUR: 45"


:45:50 LIVE:

(Caroline's announcment: faster)

Before we begin the BBC would like to announce the following Health Warning: For those expecting a short story in English you will be bitterly disappointed.
The languages that you are about to hear will not be translated - we thought it was time you got used to them-let the voices drift past the ear like the musical noises of a warm spring evening.

John Hegley is in our London studio.

It's time to twist the radio dial.....

DUR: 30"


    FX Radio Dial
Dur: 15"

JOHN: Euro-Startrek
In: Imagining the tunnel when we're out of
Waterloo conjure up the tunnel walls

Out: ....Suddenly it is daylight again it wasnt' the
Channel Tunnel after all.

Dur: 35"

:47: 10 LIVE:

:48:35 TAPE: FX Radio dial plus John's intro
    In: 'Do you think you can rope Ian into bee-an a
      European John?

    Out: '....Ian doesn't understand jokes he's a dog.
Dur: 1'55

:50:30LIVE: JOHN: Poem 1
In: " A definition of European, isn't easily set down..."
Out: .. the hint of something fashionable which lacks
a vital noun
dur: 15"

:50:45REX: Radio dial + next 31ines
Dur: 1'25"

:52: 10JOHN: Poem 2
In: "European dogs tend to be more homogeneous than
their two legged neighbours.
Out: ". . .Emperor Nero had a dog named Giro which
piddled whilst Rome burned and put the flames out.
And was a hero.
Dur: 25"

:52:35REX: Mix Lines
Dur: 1 ' 10"

:53 :45JOHN: Poem 3
In: "I would guess that the distinction between different...
Out: "...certain nations have a ledge beneath the edge continental shelf."
Dur: 25"
  REX NEXT.........

:54: 10:REX: Mix Lines
Dur: 1'10"

:55:20JOHN: Poem Allez
In: "In a park in Calais
Out: ...who is looking up the French for go away.
Dur: 10"

:55:30REX: Mix Lines
Dur: 45"

:56:15JOHN: Poem 4
In: "I do actually think of a part of myself as European
Out: "....it;s the Euro-dog within me (We all bark the
same language)
Dur: 30"

  REX: Mix Lines
Dur: 40"

:57:25JOHN: Shell
In: "The British Greenpeace propoganda war...
    Out: "....as Europe went far beyond the usual
    nominal unity."
Dur: 30"

:57:55REX Lines build up to climax
Dur: 1'00"

16:58:55 !! TAPE
    John's outro
      In: "Ian doesn't understand language he's a dog.
      Out: ...good dog, lovely dog. FX Woofing and then
      phone hangs up.
Dur: 3 5"

    R4 con presentation: Poet John Hegley was reading his poems in Circle of Stars.
    Technical presentation was by John Partington and Rex Brough.
    The programme was produced in Austria by Gerfried Stocker
    and in Britain by Matt Thompson.