Fax from Proton

Heidi Grundmann /
HKI 2.7.95.
Elisabeth Zimmermann
fax: 990-43-1-50101-8929
    Dear friends,
Thank you of your help and hospitality during our ProTon group's staying in Vienna and of your nice faxes and reminders after "Horizontal Radio" project. We would be very grateful if you still in the middle of all your hurries could deliver us by mail for our personal documentation:

- some newspaper articles found by Elisabeth during our Kunstradio performing "Radio Garden" in Vienna;

- if you have some posters, handprogrammes, articles or leaflets of the Horizontal - project

Hereby also comes our written documentation of the activities by Experimental Studio of YLE and ProTon Sonic Art Group.

( In my knowledge is only what we did in ProTon group, I believe that Mr. Erik Ohls from Swedish speaking radio drama wants to explain his activities directly... and actually we were doing very separately all our works completely in other end of radio buildings, where our studios are. p.s. ) The DAT consisting all works will be sent today. We have no other documents!

Dear Heidi, the Faeroe-Island festival will be realized as we have been speaking earlier between Friday 25th and Sunday 27th, August 1995 in T6rshavn at the Nordic House.

1) Can your participation as leader of a Radio Art seminar on 25th 10. A.M. tyo 4 PM. be confirmed!
2) Do you have some chance to keep speech of " Situation and development trends within Radio Art " or some other title of your ready existing lecturing materials ?

A proposal of conditions:
    * Flight from Copenhagen to Tørshavn and back paid by the organizer;
    * Hotel and meals during Your staying;
    * A fee according to Your proposal

Greetings and kisses, greetings to Bob

Agnieszka & Pekka

P.S. we are now from 3rd till 15th of July in Middle Finland out of reach !