György Galantai, Júlia Klaniczay

sound sample

Fax from István Szigeti (04.07.1995)
Fax from István Szigeti (23.06.1995)

Artpool Art Resarch Center
H-1277 Budapest 23., Pl. 52
Tel.: +36 (1) 2680114
Fax: +36 (1)1210833

Fax to Heidi Grundmann

Dear Heidi,

Budapest 27. June, 1995.

István Szigeti called me and asked to send you all the documentation of the project from our part. Here follows our program as it was realized. In some days I will post you a video cassette and probably some photos, Szigeti will post you the sound recording - hopefully.
We hope you will be able to do a nice documentation. I think the most important was that the whole thing did work! and next time maybe we will have less problem with the lines... It's also a big deal that the Hungarian national radio was favorable to the project .. We all had a good time. Love to all of you,

Julia + Galantai


7 times 5 minutes program during the day of 22. June broadcasted at the Bartok Rádio, Budapest:

12:55 - 13:00 excerpts from the Artpool Pseudo Radio, 1st experimental program (1983): sound report from the vernissage of the exhibition "Space Age Bones and Skin" at Szentendre

13:55 - 14:00 excerpts from "Evenings at Tompa Street" by Laszlo Lugo [the Artpool Radio's 2nd program (1983)]

15:00 - 15:05 excerpts from "Konzert über Telefon-Budapest Wien-Berlin" [the Artpool Radio's 3rd program (1983)]

15:55 - 16:00 excerpts from "Natural Radio" by G. Galántai [the Artpool Radio#s 4th program (1983)]

16:55 - 17:00 excerpts trom "Artpool's Art Tour '82, a sound report" [the Artpool Radio's 5th program (1983)]

17:55 - 18:00 excerpts from the music by BP Service, from "Theme: Hungary" [the Artpool Radio's 6th program (1984)] 18:55 - 19:00 excerpts from the music by the Galopping Coroners [the Artpool's Radio 7th program (1984)]

CYBERIA, 1st part

ARTPOOL HORIZONTAL RADIO June 22, from 11:30 to June 23, 2:20 from MR Budapest to ORF Linz

Live from Budapest: Sound poetry, alternative and contemporary music - past and present. A travel through time, network, cultures and mediums. Planned and unplanned meetings.

were present at the 13th Studio of the Magyar Radio:

ARTPOOL (György GALANTAI, Júlia KLANICZAY), the BALATON ensemble (Mihály VlG, Imánuel OLAH, Simon WAHORN), the SPIRITUS NOISTER ensemble ( Endre SZKAROSI, Csaba BESE, Attila DORA, Zsolt KOVACS, Katalin LADIK, Zsolt SÖRES), Jenö MENYHART, György BP. SZABO, KOKO
"Diskjockey": Laszlo LUGOSSY LUGO

were called by phone live from the studio:

György KOZMA (Budapest), János VETÖ (Sweden)

    speaker/prograrn coordinator: Gábor NEMETH
    Editor: István SZIGETI
    + the technical staff

Artpool's program was broadcasted at Bartók Rádió, Budapest from 0:05 to 0:20 and from 2:03 to 2:20