Ilana Zuckerman

sound sample

Fax from Vienna to Israel (26.06.1995)
Our guests for the project were 3 artists, representing the theme - "Migrating Cultures":

  • ESTI KEINAN-OFRI: - Singer, Dancer, Actress, a singular musican, who works with Luciano Berio, Ethnic Groups, classical musicians and traditional sources.

  • OREN FRIED: Percussionist, exceptionally versatile-jazz, ethnic, solo and chamber miusic, improvisation and electronic music.

  • HALED GIUBRAN: musician, composer and performer, wellversed in European and Eastern traditions. Master player on the OUD.
The trio performed "live" in the studio, in 3 languages: Hebrew, Arabic and Ladino.

They presented music that originated in Spain during the Middleages, when Jews, Moslems and native Spaniards influenced and enriched each others styles, themes and musical textures.

This music continued and survived with the wondering Jews around the Mediterranean, filtered into Arab settlements and flourished to a very special, very vivid contemporary tradition.

The program started around 21:00 (L.T.); we had our connection with Linz confirmed. While waiting for our turn to enter into the International Broadcast - we explained the project to our listeners and guests, we broadcasted contemporary and electronic music, we talked with our guests and listened to their music.
Around 21:45 we were invited to receive your broadcasts from - Moscow, Hungary, BBC and Austria.

When it was our turn to reciprocate and send our program to you, it was blocked somewhere near Paris (so we were told), and that was that.

We could not understand what we received; whether it was live or prerecorded; who was broadcasting at the moment, etc..

Several times we were signalled to enter, our musicians started to play and nothing went through.
Though we were very frustrated and felt that the adventure was a complete radiophonic "flop" - the musicians went on playing, talking, having a good time and to our great surprise- the responses from our listeners were extatic!!