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FAX II FROM QUÉBEC (20.07.1995)

27. 06. 95 17: 15
Meduse - (418) 692-2946
Creé le: mardi 27 juin 1995
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TO: Horizontal Radio/KunstRadio
    Elizabeth Zimmermann/Heidi Grundmann

FROM: Avatar/Jocelyn Robert

Québec, le 27 juin 1995

Dear Elizabeth, dear Heidi

first, we want to thank you all for the opportunity to contribute to Horizontal Radio. It's been a wonderful event, and a very interesting process since last winter.

Here are the informations about our proposals you asked for in your last fax.

Participants: Fabrice Montal, James Partaik, Jocelyn Robert

Organization: Avatar, coordination by Jocelyn Robert & Christof Migone, with help from Emile Morin, Mario Gauthier and Obscure

Titles: 2 pieces, untitled

Times & Description: First proposal, about 9 minutes. Second, about 40 minutes. First was a tape piece, the second was an improvisation/collaboration/collision with Edmonton Radio and Vancouver. Both included a text that is reproduced somewhere on this fax.

Sounds: tech problems: no recordings from our side available. Maybe something recorded from Edmonton could be available next week... we will forward a copy. But we DO NEED a recording of our participation: we applied for a major grant but we need to show what we did in the HZ project. ls it possible for you to send us a copy of what happend in HZ at your end from 4 to 5am Austrian time ?

Summary of what happened: Around 5 pm, Quebec time: instant panic.We just realized that we are one day late: project is tonight at ten, not tomorrow night. Instant ideas. Instant work. Recording: first putting the panic on tape, then going deeper, toward folkloric memories and hidden piano sounds. Fast tech sounds and radio talk. ON THE AIR. Panic strikes back, laughing. Youare connected with Edmonton and Vancouver! Who is there ? Where are you ? What is your color ? Delirium gets in by the back door, at last. Sound comes out as breathing. Surfing the radio waves through the telephone wire. The pressure of international langage. The free floating from mongolian harmonics to car sounds in the prairies to guitar notes to what was that ? Contact sticks for about 40 minutes then magic dissolves. D'Avatar, á Québec, from Avatar, Quebec City, Good Night.

And then, half an hour of listenin to sounds coming back from the hub, having coffee around the kitchen table, handing the telephone to the others: Hey listen to this !

Thank you.

Jocelyn Robert
fax 418.692.2946 or 418.529.5611