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Ms Elisabeth Zimmermann Kunstaradio ORF

RE: Horizontal Radio

Dear Elisabeth,
Following is the information about our HR programme.
What happened on our side: At first I planned to make a soundscape of Moscow with six microphones placed in different parts of the city. But the 22 of June in Russia was mourning day for the victims of military actions in Chechnya. And I decided to make a programme about the war. So in one day I changed all my planes and the set up of the programme.


The programme was broadcasted in Russia by "Radio 1 Ostankino", The Voice of Russia" shortwaves foreign service broadcasted the programm, in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish to Europe and in Arab and English to North Africa and Middle East.

Also the programme was submitted to Linz via mono line.

  1. Horizontal radio back up tapes in studio. (We used two Austrian pieces by Auinger [#7 & 10 on the DAT]
  2. Tapes of Chechen and Russian folk music.
  3. Tape of the programme "Moscow Time" made by Helmut Kopetzky, Frankfurt/ Main
  4. Last radio and TV information programmes recorded at 21.00 (our programme started at 21.30 Moscow time.)
  5. Composer Boris Sokolov playing Musical synthesizer.

    We had on lines:
  6. Lines from Berlin and Linz
  7. Line from the Russian Orthodox church of St. Philip in MOSCOW
  8. from Muslim mosque in Moscow. (There was no service at the moment of the programme but one Muslim believer agreed to read prayers for us)
  9. Line from the studio of Radio 1 Ostankino with the Chorus of our Radio. The conductor agreed to start the rehearsal at the beginning of Horizontal Radio programme and we took a line from that studio.

Using above mentioned material we made a programme

Lord, forgive us. /Requiem

Director - Dmitriy Nikolaev
Sound engineer - Boris Sokolov
Duration - 10-30'
Language - Multilingual composition.
First broadcast - 22 June 1995.

The main aim of the programme was to create sound document about the war in Chechnya To make the piece reflecting war not from political or national position, but regarding it from human point of view.


  1. Music.
  2. Shooting.
  3. Interview with the victim ( "It's a miracle that we are alive. The shell hited the wall near us, the wall fell down. It's a miracle")
  4. Information programmes about the hostage crisis in Budenovsk. ( Russian TV and BBC world service)
  5. Russian Orthodox funeral song.
  6. Muslim prayer
  7. Sound effect
  8. Meeting in Budenovsk
  9. Chechen song
  10. Gun shot.
  11. Sound effect
  12. Orthodox prayer " Lord, Forgive us"
  13. Muslim prayer
  14. Shooting
  15. Russian folk instrument.
  16. Chechen folk instrument
  17. Demonstration in Moscow against the war in Chechnya (A person reads a parody poem about "heroic deeds" of the soldiers
  18. Russian folk instrument
  19. 19 Muslim prayer.
  20. Information programmes about the war in Russian and English
  21. Funeral of the victim of the war (Soil falling on the coffin. Mother cries: "Why?! Why?!")
  22. Russian prayer
  23. Chechen song
  24. Sound effect
  25. Baby crying
  26. Final requiem based on melodies of Chechen and Russian folk music
*** The End ***

Best regards

Dmitriy Nikolaev