José Iges

sound sample

From: José Iges
To: Jutta Schmiederer/Gerfried Stocker
Kernstockgasse 22-24
A-8020 GRAZ

 Madrid, 3td. june 1995

Dear Friends:

I enclose you a DAT tape including a part of the spanish participation in Horizontal Radio. In fact, we have taken the suggestion made by Gerfried in his last and big FAX, sending his works to be included/digitalized on your own server.

In any case, we will add another complementary fragments or whole short pieces in our server (Instituto de Acustica-CSIC, Madrid), and that will be available for everybody since 19th. June morning till 23th.. So, you and the other people can to get doing FTP these another works. I insist: we need to know as soon as possible the name of your server and the name of your archives -sound and documentaries ones-. I will give you the name of the our by FAX just the Friday 16. We will charge a Hard Disc with the materials taken via FTP from 19th. morning till So, you can imagine that it's very important for us to know those references.

I only want to add you some details about the pieces included in DAT -mainly if you want to include those data as a documentation-.

    Concha Jerez-José Iges: The Whistling of the Iron Horse crossing the threshold of Heaven -First part- 7'30"

The whole work concerns the psycological, economical and political aspects of the migrating population in Europ. The piece has been made on the Studios of La Muse en Circuit (Paris) in the beginning of April 95, as a production of that french group.

    Eduardo Pérez Maseda: Take me away -excerpt- 5'33"

This composer, born in Madrid in 1955, has used a very known -an multi1ingual- text by the italian writer Italo Calvino, as the axis of his work. The text was taken fiom the novel "Il Barone Rampante". The Maseda's piece was made in 1988 at me GME Cuenca.

    Jesus Villa Rojo: Stories on the air -final part- 5'01"

The author was born in Brihuega (Guadalajara) in 1941. The work takes part of the senes of coproductions made between CDMC (Ministry of Culture) and RNE (Ars Sonora) since 1988. In fact, this excerpt belongs to the first work done under that accord It was recorded by the members of L.I.M. Ensemble -founded and directed by the author- in 1988. at the Studios Musica 1 and Musica 2 (RNE, Madrid)

    Eduardo Polonio: U Session 4'24"

The career of E. Polonio (Madrid, 1941) in the field of Electroacoustie Music is very long. Recently, the GMEB and the CIME have awarded his artistic trajectory with the "Magistére 1994" (Bourges, France) Polonio has played, specially for llorizontal Radio, the number U, which belongs to the "'Universal Machine" by Turing. The score is really executed by four virtual players -piano, flute, sax and contrebass-, in the computer of the author in 1995.

Well. In other hand, dear Gerfried, the answer of Gijon people is YES. Your workshop will take place since the Monday 24th. July till next Friday. We keep in contact to precise the technical conditons for your intervention there.

Warm regards for you both.