Diana Köhle

presents the monthly poetry slam textstrom at the rhiz in Vienna, together with Mieze Medusa. She likes organising literary events, something she really enjoys. However, it really bugs her that she’s always having to explain why she doesn’t write herself.

Markus Köhle

has been writing for his life for quite a while now, and loves to read aloud. He works as a writer, showmaster, organiser, critic, and was assistent researcher for a university project. He likes train rides, and has a neat homepage: www.autohr.at

Doris Mitterbacher

writes prose, and produces reality stories or sci-fi. Known as Mieze Medusa, she’s a real star within Austria’s HipHop and Poetry Slam scene, and a member of the collective backlab. She has participated in numerous slams throughout Austria, in Liechtenstein, Germany, and Switzerland. Together with Diana Köhle, she organises the monthly poetry slam textstrom at the rhiz in Vienna. In spring 2006, the very first book about the Austrian slam scene, edited by the textstrom team, was published with edition aramo. With Tenderboy, Mieze Medusa pubished the longplayer "Antarktis" and the EP „basslast alltag meets the unfunk side of hiphop“.

Nadja Bucher

writer of short stories, readings in German-speaking communities. As Mademoiselle Bucher, she gives monthly readings in the framework of the literary vaudeville „Dienstag nach Vorschrift“ at Theater Forum Schwechat (www.forumschwechat.com). At the moment, she’s doing hard work writing her first full-length piece for theatre.

more about textstrom: www.miezemedusa.com/slam