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Art's Birthday 2008 – 1,000,045 Years of Art

In 1963 the French Fluxus artist, Robert Filliou, declared January 17 to be the 1,000,000th birthday of art which for some decades now has been celebrated worldwide. As in the previous years, in 2008 artists all over the world will organise a networked birthday party for art. In many places the motto of this year’s celebrations will be “Forever Young”.

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Art's Birthday 2008 is an open-ended networked art-project of exchange and collaboration.

The participants of Art's Birthday 2008 therefore agree to grant all others involved in the project the right of fair use of their contributions (images, sounds, texts,...) as a whole or in part. In exchange for granting these rights all participants have themselves the right to make fair use of all contributions to the network of Art's Birthday 2008. This also goes for the use of the documentation of early versions of the project for later versions of this art-project.

The rights for any commercial use of the published material are reserved.