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The Art's Birthday 2008 network

will bring together free radio stations, individual artists, artist organizations and members of the EBU Ars Acustica group celebrating the 1,000,045th anniversary of the birth of art.

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Art's Birthday 2008 at Radio Kinesonus will present online & insite radioparty at Goethe Gallery Tokyo & TKU (curator:Tetsuo Kogawa).
The 1st part: January 16, 4 pm - 7 pm, featuring Anna Friz (Toronto), Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier (Weimar), Jacques Foschia (Brussels), Tonic Train (Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington) (Cologne), Keith de Mendonca (Bangalore), neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere)(New York), Ralf Homann (Munich), and Tetsuo Kogawa (Tokyo). The 2nd part: January 17, 6 am - 10 am, featuring Tadashi Yabe, Reiko.A, Kelly Churko, TOMO, a qui avec Gabriel, and ASTRO.

Keith de Mendonca (Disembodied Arts)

Sounds from India for Art's Birthday 2008. This soundscape has been created from field recordings I have made in Bangalore and further afield in India. Street sellers, drummers, chanting, prayer wheels, a brass band playing at a race course, and even the national anthem sung at a school sports day have all been woven into this 15 minute soundscape

Ginza Art and Concept Laboratory (Tokyo)

January 17, 9 am to 12 pm. Ginza Art & Concept Laboratory's performance party at its satellite gallery, Koiwa project space. Taisuke Morishita will play noise guitar and Keiko Kamma will play keyboard by sound as painting like1950's action painting. And more sound performance artists join this party: Chiaki Ise (toy piano), Kanako Fukui, Izumi Murata, Kentaro Chiba (live painting) Tea-J: Don Chow

Digital Guqin Concert in Virtual World
Secondlife Platform - with Shuen-git Natasha Chow (Paris/Tokyo)

The avatar Swann Jie in Secondlife will give a concert of the World's first 3D Digital Guqin instrument. The HunDun no.1. A concert will be given at the Digital Guqin Museum Garden, with open invitations to other avatars in world, everybody welcome. The concert will be 45 minutes in real time. There will be 4 melodies played. Visitors are invited to try the instrument after the concert, and to visit the Digital Guqin Club House. For visitors in real life who do not have an avatar, you may go online and get yourself one, or use of the guest avatars prepared for this purpose.

looong day looong night radioart shining bright in the snowy north

January 17, 3 pm to 6 am (15 hours) on CKUT 90.3FM 9am-noon - CKUT circuit workshop orchestra, DADA & Fluxus all-star achives, MTL 2012, AJ Cornell noon-2pm Venus feminist avant-garde 2-3pm soundscape bender with Nimalan Yoganathan & Eldad Tsabery, 3-5pm Soca & dancehal avant-garde with Positive Vibes 5-6pm Tobias VanVeen re.mix 6-8pm We Need to Talk, 8-9pm Virgule & CORSE, 9-10pmlab.synthèse, 10-12pm Gmackrr, Métis Yéti, Gold Sword, Nim's Jazz Ensemble noise hour

Art's birthday party at Radio Grenouille

A radio party at Radio Grenouille, Marseille, January 17, 7 pm to 10 pm: a variety show with lots of swinging artists, sound pieces of cake, a karaoke party and an unstoppable futurist folk band. Check our programme and reach us at our regular webstreams.

Birthday Party redux

from January 17, 7 pm to 8 pm -- this audio stream from artist John Hopkins is a sonic redux from the archive of various birthday parties recorded during the last year and the travel necessary to get to them. Stay tuned for the stream address!


Performed by the "sounddesign" students of the Royal Academy of Fine Art’s. We are inspired by the collage "Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?” by Richard Hamilton. Elements based on postcards form the basic material for a live performance laptop concert at the Art's Birthday party in the Winter Garden of the Royal Academy. The original sounds will be available for all the Art's Birthday events on the website we make that evening on-line:

1.000.045th Art's Birthday! Live from Vienna

on line:
on air: January 17, 11 pm - 12 am Österreich 1 (FM, SW, MW and
on site: January 17, 8 pm - 12 am at the Funkhaus, Vienna
Kunstradio is going to celebrate the 1.000.045th Art's Birthday in Vienna with: Volkmar Klien, Ingo Leindecker, Matthias Markovsky, Musikarbeiterkapelle, Doris Prilic, Herbert Weixelbaum and with artists from around the world....


What is a birthday without a birthday song? We contribute to this year's Art's Birthday with a radio opera, connecting Bratislava, Brussels and Tokyo in a worldwide celebration. The audience makes the Big Birthday Opera, live from the Experimental Studio of the Slovak Radio in Bratislava, the OKNO space in Brussels, and possibly from some access points to the internet. The distributed opera will be realized January 17, 9 pm-9:30 pm. Live on stage (SK) robert rudolf blazej vidlicka marek piacek martina kedrová juraj d'uriš gívan belá roman lašciak ... live on the internet: akihiro kubota (JP) Isjtar and Annemie Maes (BE) -> and

FISH FEET | Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse | Calgary, AB | January 17, 8 pm to January 17, 11 pm |

Playing catch and release with incoming Birthday streams— dedicated to the Coelacanth, who has dreamed of a future on dry land for 400,000,000 years. Access the stream/archive at Broadcasts,

Art’s Birthday with New Adventures in Sound Art
& Mississauga Office of Arts & Culture

January 17, 8 pm to 4 am streamed on This is the first year of Art’s Birthday celebrations in Mississauga, Canada. As Mississauga forges its new identity for the 21st century, communications are key to its development, and Art’s Birthday is a perfect forum for exploring creative ways to interface with local and global communities. The program will feature roving reporter Darla Kitty (aka Halifax artist Eleanor King); an unveiling of the Mississauga sound map; a radio transmitter race between Tetsuo Kogawa in Japan and Halifax artist Stephen Kelly; DJ-artists, Youth Troopers for Global Awareness, Mississauga Children’s Choir and Back2Basics dancers.

Western Front presents ATTIC

.. drawing the sounds of the future from liminal spaces .. streaming at darkness .. feedback .. the creation of cake by sonic currents .. with Anna Friz, Eileen Kage, Roberto Paci Dalò, Jean Routhier, Absolute Value of Noise, and E.D.R. .. special live stream from Tokyo with Don Chow .. a variety of speakers and microphones are used to turn an attic space into a giant feedback chamber .. an acoustical remixing device for remote sound streams .. broadcasting to the EBU Satellite January 17, 11 pm to 11:30 pm .. live performance in the Grande Luxe January 18, 5 am at 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver.

Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns

In conjunction with the upcoming exhibition Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns at the Art Gallery of Hamilton January 18, 12:30 am on CFMU 93.3 FM McMaster University Hamilton Ontario Artist Ken Gregory celebrates Art's Birthday 2008 with a fuzzy warm performance on CFMU 93.3 FM's A Little Noise in the System. CFMU FM <------ klick-------> klick here for---> stream <---


Coming to you from Kingston Ontario Canada: Cut-ups, edits and general reworkings of Robert Filliou's reading of "Whispered History Of Art" (1963) as included on the Fluxus Anthology (1992) archived at These Filliou treatments are by electroacoustic music students at Queen's University Kingston, class led by Matt Rogalsky. Listen here:, from January 17, 6 am to January 18, 6 am

Art's Birthday 2008 with Video Pool!

Thursday January 18, 3 am to 9 am at Club Desire 441 Main St. Winnipeg, Manitoba. 8 pm til late. $15 or $5 with costume. Costumes, Real and Surreal Cake making contest, Prizes, Raffle, Media Gift Exchange and other cool stuff! Perfomances by Venetian Snares and VJ Ryan Stec. Dancing with DJ Mama Cutsworth. click here for more info ---> Arts Birthday at Video Pool

ART's Birthday by FAVA

Music groups, audio artists, video jamming and a happening cake... live from the ARTery... Show starts at January 18, 3:30 am: experimental audio by Shawn Pinchbeck and David McCallum... hot pop tunes by Illfit Outfit and The Wet Secrets...visual art by FAVA's own... many thanks to say and some cake to get into...streaming audio and video all night long

Prairie Data

Prairie Data - Live from Saskatoon.
January 19, 3 am - 5 am