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Kunstradio is collaborating with Experimental Studio of Slovensky Rozhlas (, with IMA - Institute of Media Archaeology ( and with Tilos Radio Budapest ( for a two-day-Happy-Birthday-event, as usual online, on site and on air. The “Fête Permanente” will take place at the exhibition “Magical Soundmachines” at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg on the shore of the Danube, close to Vienna and even closer to Bratislava. “Magical Soundmachines” presents a range of unique historical sound generators, recorders and transmitters – and they are here to be played.

On Friday, 16 January 2009,

you can witness the performances of two extravagant orchestras formed especially for this occasion: IMA’s magical soundmachines orchestra consists of Austrian musicians playing the rarities displayed in the exhibition, and the second group is the intergalactic joystick orchestra put together by Experimental Studio Bratislava.
The concert can be listened to via the EBU Ravel satellite (live 8.05-8.40pm CET, 7.05-7.40pm GMT), on Radio Devín (8-9pm CET), on ORF’s Radio Ö1 (live 11.05-12pm CET) as well as on (live 8-12pm CET).

Program for January 16th

20:05IMA Klangmaschinen Orchestra
20:20Joystick Radio Melody Orchestra
21:45IMA Klangmaschinen Orchestra
22:15Joystick Radio Melody Orchestra
22:40Radio Tilos, Budapest also Live on Ravel
23:00Elisabeth Schimana and Seppo Gruendler Art’s Birthday Remix 

On Saturday, 17 January 2009,

we continue with the on site party: everyone is welcome not only to come to Kulturfabrik Hainburg, but also to bring and present sound gifts dedicated to Art. This means: if you would like to perform, either let us know in advance ( or – for spontaneous congratulations – just turn up and join in! We especially encourage using the opportunity to listen into other parties worldwide via web streams, to mix them and thus approach Filliou’s original vision of the Eternal Network.

Master of ceremony Hubsi Kramar will lead through the evening, allowing for unpredictable situations and surprise performers to merge into the program. En aka Pal Tóth (Budapest) and Astrid Schwarz (Vienna) will contribute live mixes of incoming streams. The following artists will participate: Dorit Chrysler, Klaus Filip, Andrew Garton, Bernhard Fleischmann, Volkmar Klien, Matthias Makowsky, Pia Palme, Bruno Pisek with Benedikt Guschlbauer, Clemens Hausch, Gerald Krist and Ulrich Kühn, Die Fuchteln and many more.

Course of events for January 17th

20:00Welcome by Elisabeth Schimana 
20:15Presentation of the worldwide Art’s Birthday parties by Astrid Schwarz
20:25Present by Bruno Pisek, Benedikt Guschlbauer, Clemens Hausch, Gerald Krist and Ulrich Kühn
20:30Present by Pia Palme
20:45Presentation of the worldwide Art’s Birthday parties by EN
21:00Givan Bell, Slovak Radio live from A4 Bratislava
21:10Present by Seppo Gruendler
21:20Present by Andrew Garton
21:25Present by Bruno Pisek, Benedikt Guschlbauer, Clemens Hausch, Gerald Krist and Ulrich Kühn
21:30Present by Reni Hofmüller
22:15Present by Christian Wittmann (on Hammond-Organ)
22:20Present by Volkmar Klien
22:35Present by Eva Ursprung
22:45Present by Klaus Filip
23:00Present by Gameboy Music Club
23:15Present by Matthias Makowsky
23:25Present by Die Fuchteln
23:35Present by Zsolt Sőrés (on Melotron M400)
23:40Present by Bernhard Fleischmann (on Rhytmikon)
00:00Present by Greogor Ladenhauf (on Akaphon)
00:15Present by Bruno Pisek, Benedikt Guschlbauer, Clemens Hausch, Gerald Krist and Ulrich Kühn
00:20Goodbye all! 

Since the city of Hainburg is holding their annual ball on the very same day and right next to the “Magical Soundmachines” exhibition, we ask Art’s Birthday visitors to dress up in their finest ball gowns and black tie – another well mannered way of expressing our appreciation for Art.

Bus service between Vienna and Hainburg on 17 January:
departure 6.30pm, Operngasse 4 / Ring; return 12pm, Kulturfabrik Hainburg
(please register at

For those who cannot come to Hainburg but would still like to contribute by making gifts to Art: please upload your acoustic or visual presents using the Art's Birhday Uploader.

In it’s 1.000,0046th year of being, Art needs you more than ever…!

Kunstradio’s Art’s Birthday 2009

on air: 16 January 2009, Ö1, 23.03-24 Uhr; 18 January, Ö1 Kunstradio 23.03-23.45 Uhr
on site: 17 January 2009, 8-12pm, Kulturfabrik Hainburg, Kulturplatz 1, 2410 Hainburg an der Donau / Lower Austria on line:,