Social Music

curated by Brandon LaBelle
Curatorial Statement

I   "Social Setup"   Achim Wollscheid 6.5.2001      docu

"...Because music can't be imagined without a social background, it's present total integration in the media as an important function within the social apparatus poses the question: under which conditions does the interpretation of the term "social" take place?..."

II "Sociality as Aftereffect"   Minoru Sato 10.6.2001

"...This is not such a simple issue, because sociality is generated through a complexity of relations and interactions, between a multiplicity, instead of from a singular movement of isolated events..."

III "Death of the Composer"   Brandon LaBelle 8.7.2001

"...In a sense, radio is a model for the concerns of "Social Music", or rather, it situates itself already as a kind of "Social Music Production"..."

IV "Social <- Private -> Public Representation"   Giuseppe Ielasi 2.9.2001

"...I feel that the very decision of operating in a certain area of music/art has a very deep and strong social and political meaning..."

V "Secret Sounds of Music"   Michel Henritzi 7.10.2001

"...In this sense we could to say every CD is "social music", and money--as part of the system of normalizing and defining culture--is its secret sound..."

VI "Shadow of a Shadow"   Brandon LaBelle 14.10.2001

"... Shadow of a Shadow looks towards social context in order to invite the interference of the real. In this way, the work aims to draw into conversation the immediate location as an influencing presence, and at the same time, to interact with this location as a way to redefine how it may function--to make use of it in such a way as to displace interior and exterior, real and mediated, live and recorded..."

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