Rivers & Bridges is the second largest art project for the electronic network of communication, developed by the Ars Acustica working group of the EBU.
This second edition of Horizontal Radio, included as the first one, on the prestigious Ars Electronica Festival of Linz, wants to use on a larger way the suggestions that come from the two words that compose its device on the present occasion.
In this sense, sound artists approached to us in real time through composed images-extracted from real rivers, while other artists spread their music as a bridge between several cultures or made it to dialogue through the network of communication, those rivers that are serving to us for extending bridges.

These networks will be the digital lines of ISDN, conventional telephone lines, the EUTELSAT CEST satellite that usually is used by the EBU, and Internet.

Through World Wide Web it will be possible to receive live images and sound from different artists and musical groups involved - to visit interactive projects linked to Rivers & Bridges on several countries and to consult the documentation on hypertext that resumes, on SGAE NET, the Spanish WWW-presence in this event.

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People present at the Sala Manuel de Falla will receive, sometimes coming on superposition, sound, visual and textual flow of works of electronic art.

They will watch "performances", like the one developped by the interpreters and composers Jane Rigler and Rafael Linin with voices, instruments and live electronics. They will be able to interact with the electronic automaton SESLA that activates sound and images, drown by the composer Jose Manuel Berenguer or listening the diverse range of "sound postcards" that come to us, through satellite. This will offer for the Spanish representation a very rich and wide diversity of styles and tendencies.
This edition of Horizontal Radio will carry, from the Central Control of RNE to the madrilian head office of the SGAE, signals coming from Germany, Austria, (ORF), Canada (CBC), Slovakia, Slovenia (RSLO), Finland (YLE), Greece, Hungary (MR), Italy (RAI), Portugal, United Kingdom (BBC) and Switzerland. There will be the contribution of artists from cities as Belgrade, Budapest, Hamburg, Helsinki, Innsbruck, Linz, Ljubljiana, London, Rome or Vienna.

The event, generated by a group well engaged in radio art -the Ars Acustica Group-, can be followed of course by Radio Cl·sica of RNE. And the documentation, shaped on Hypertext of the Spanish contribution, can be consulted/visited as we said before in SGAE NET from the end of August.

Different complementary approaches to a horizontal, interactive and multiple project that shows us the present and approaches to a next future of art in the electronic network of communication.