4 acoustic levels of the riversection between Mittlere Brücke & Wettsteinbrücke will be transformed:
  • Level 1: During ca. 60 minutes a raft with 2 raftsmen, a female speaker and 5 microphones as soundsource from the surface of the water and the surroundings between the 2 bridges upstream and downstream the riversection along the historical part of Basel as a gliding connection of both bridges.
  • Level 2: 2 divers with microphone move in opposite directions between the 2 bridges along the firmed waterbanks & at the bottom of the river.
  • Level 3: 2 divers with microphone move in opposite directions between the 2 bridges in a depth of ca. 2 meters.
  • Level 4: The actress Christa Berndl with words by Katharina Faber: Indoor / Outdoor, 1996

  • A course - mixing - score induces the compositorical lapse as well as the characters of sounds and the characters of the sound-transfor- mations of the incoming acoustic signals. These will be organized with regard to the moment of arriving, duration, the reach of frequencies, intensity, spatial positions, dynamical range & dynamical lapse, cross - overs, event - widening & event - narrowing and be partly transformed by digital signal processors.

    Proceeding from the bottom of the river and the firmed waterbanks (level 1) the sound-events change in the reach of ca. 2 meters under the water (level 2), then up to the surface of the water (level 3), then enlarge into the surroundings (including the conversations of the raftsmen and the actress) & joined together with the words of the actress (level 4), then all 4 levels will be added. Then these 4 levels will be placed together in rotation and within this enlarged and intensified until the VIRTUAL INUNDATION ( the RELEASE ) of the river occurs.

    Parallel to the Live - Broadcast along the quay between the 2 bridges will be installed a promenade of loudspeakers with 60 speakers. Simultaneously will be created 2 mixes: one for the Live - Broadcast, the other one for the loudspeaker-promenade. 4 additional microphones will take up the sounds from the loudspeakers and will be resumed to a 3. mix, which will be joined together with the Live - Broadcast.

    The mix for the loudspeaker-promenade will send the sound-events into the loudspeakers in different motion-lapses, rhythms, intensities, transformation-densities and different speeds; the sound-events coming from the loudspeakers will happen to the strolling public as VIRTUAL REALITY of the ANALOG SURROUNDINGS - First to Second Nature.

    For further information:
    Ruth Wagner, audio-arts-manager
    Fon: ++ 41 - 61- 411 15 63
    Fax: ++ 41 - 61 - 411 15 35
    Handy: ++ 41 - 89 - 320 25 90
    ANIGMA acoustic arts
    Muttenzerstrasse 11
    CH - 4142 Muenchenstein / Basel

    Patricia Jünger, Basel, June 1996