As its name implies, INNSBRUCK is the historic site of an important bridge over the river Inn. Over the centuries the bridge has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.

The project "INNs / BRUCK" invites all those with stories, information or personal memories of the bridge to take part using any medium they choose - normal mail, e-mail, telephone, fax, personal contact. People are asked to tell their stories: write them to the newspapers, speak them into the microphones of the regional radio- and TV, to telephone-answering machines ... and to illustrate their stories with photographs, maps, drawings, sound etc. ...

A central collecting point will be established at UTOPIA, a public media center in Innsbruck, with a special "INNs / BRUCK" telephone hot-line and Internet access via the TRANSTOPIA server. The stories and supporting material go into a Homepage in the WWW - this homepage is designed by artists and composers who also help those people who want to work in the WWW themselves. Some of the stories will be broadcast on local radio/TV, others printed in local newspapers.

"INNs / BRUCK" in the WWW is intended to draw the history and image of a city/region with the help of the personal memories of the population - a very different method than that employed by tourism offices, academic research projects etc.

"INNs / BRUCK" is also intended to enhance the media-literacy of the population and form the nucleus of a "digital city/region" with public access-points.