Rivers & Bridges: thoughts

What we intend to do with this stuff is to document our development of the process in the preparation of the Southern wind contribution to the project Rivers & Bridges.

It means that we'll put all the materials we're working on without probably 'organicity', step by step. Somehow this is a dramatically different proceedure. Normally we try get a clear, well definied shape from the very beginning of a co-operative project.

Now, is like if we work on 'loud thoughts' where everybody can get in in realtime


We'll e-mail our loud activities to kunstradio and the same time we'll put everything on the Net hosted by Radio LADA / Giardini Pensili Web Site at the URL: http://www.giardini.sm/R'n'B.htm

It means of course not just text but also: drawings, handwritten information, sound files, photographs etc etc. We have the impression that this proceed will be a project itself on the Net.

Now there's no time now to talk about the problem of language & translation. Ma ritorneremo presto anche su questo punto cruciale, sia da un punto di vista teorico, sia da un punto di vista pratico. L'uso della lingua inglese talvolta impoverisce molto la comunicazione.

Pensieri / Thoughts:

Roma : ISOLA TIBERINA (Tiberina Island)
located in the centre of the city in the middle of the Tevere River

On one side of the Tevere: the Ghetto (Jewish area)
on the other side the popular part of the city.


  • Esculapio temple
  • the boat
  • the navigation
  • traffic / commercial activities

  • the Hospital: the sickness, the body, the healthness
  • the Church / monastery: the religion, the soul, hermits

  • Bridges: Mazzini, Sisto, Garibaldi, Cestio, Fabricio, Sublicio, Palatino

  • The jailhouse / repression

  • Ponte Sisto : prostitutes & beggars

    Around the island:

  • Piazza Navona
  • Campo dei Fiori
  • Teatro di Marcello
I-TA-LIA' : in Hebrew : L'isola della rugiada divina

Musicians, actors, pilgrims, technicians. Participating through radio links, ISDN, Internet, telephone lines, videoconference CU-SeeMee

Singing from boats floating around
Spreading out floating datas.

Water & Waves

The signature tune for Rivers & Bridges (R'n'B) should be a vigorous RHYTHM'N'BLUES

If necessary, Italy could be once more the connection point of a so called Mediterranean network. Greece, Palestina, Israel, Spain, San Marino and possibly also north African arab countries

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