• Benjamin Yusupov, born 1962 in Tajikistan
    emigrated to Israel in 1992
    has been awarded many prizes. His works, orchestral and chamber were performed all over Europe and Israel.

    a cantata for narrator, chorus, viola, percussion and piano
    central movement , on Omar KhayyamŒs poem RUBAIYAT

    A drop of water - no in the river,
    a grain of sand - no back to earth,
    what is it? Your coming into this world?
    A fly, appears and disappears....

    Do not hurt your friend
    Do not burn him with your ire.....

    I cried, because my days have gone to naught....

    Like a tear on a burnt heart
    We squandere our lives and were buried.

    Performers: Benjamin Yusupov (narrator in FARSI language)
    Ensemble Lirica
    Elena Konotop, piano
    Rina Yusupov, viola
    Chen Zimbalista, Slava Magidin, Dikla Aharon, Vadim Lapis (percussion)
    Nili Harpaz, conductor

  • Yuval Shaked, born 1955

    Quintet for percussion, harp, cello and Maronite Chant.
    Pamela Jones, Jaerry Garval, Oren Fried, Percussion
    Nelly Bivas, harp
    Miriam Jakobovitch, Cello
    Magnetic tape with chuchbells & Maronite chant from Kaslik, Lebanon
    Yuval Shaked, conductor