YLE - Radio
The Proton radio- and soundart group will be broadcasting from the Art Hall Club in Helsinke between 10 p.m. and 1 a. m. recycling and sampling material that comes from other participants and sending the recycled material back into the network to be used by everybody.. Also there will be interactions with MADRID (RNE) and LONDON (BBC)

Pekka Sirén:
Ode to Cage (jingle)     0.40

Ari Taskinen ja Teemu Hirvilammi
Toy House (live)     2.00

Jorma Harjamäki
One Sunday Afternoon     5.00

Tero-Petri Moilanan ja Kimmo Nurminen
Rain Forest      3.00

Angieszka Waligorska, Pekka Sirén
Frozen Voices     4.20

Hanna Toibviainen
Fisches Nachtgesang
text: Christian Morgenstern (tape and live)      2.20

Mikko Laasko
Boat and Soap     4.00

Barbro Holmberg
Venetian Bridge      3.00

Petri Kuljuntausta
The Flow     2.30

Leena Veselkov
Seepferdchen und flugfische
text: Kurt Schwitters (tape and live)     3.00

The pieces, which are - with the exception of the first two - performed for the first time, are separated with jinglebells