(January 1,1996) (Update, Feb.'96)(June '96)

A first statement by Jocelyn Robert and János Sugár

[1] Breeding the Beast
[2] Feeding the Brains
[3] Knitting the Brains

General goals

  • ENHANCE THE ACTIVITY OF LISTENING : getting the same consciousness toward the audio-acoustic environment as to the visual one

  • Building up dialogue/bridge - between the institutional, traditional use and the non-institutional, non-conventional use of the radio medium

  • Creating and supporting a hypermedia environment, and generally helping the transition toward the new technologcal versions of the radio medium

  • Researching the idea of language-translations as a basic concept

  • Expanding the aura of radio, broadcasting through any means

  • Putting up a structure of exchange that will survive the event as a possibility for research, discussion and collaboration as an open laboratory for new projects

3 sectors of activity

1. Breeding the beast
(concerning the actual physical existence of the project)

Finding partners:
Schedule Main event on 5th of Sept. 96, events during the whole week 1-7 Sept., work in the months before, meeting in Moscow in May, other meetings, etc.
Addressesdistribute addresses and other contacts to everyone
representative (for each place, site, country or project), supporters (assistants or sponsors)
budgets &
regular operational budget (postage, fax, telephone, etc) involvement of National Radios (providing official letters of support, documents, budgets for lines, redordings etc) involvement of Private sponsors and Government agencies


2. Feeding the brains
(concerning the artistic direction per se)


in February, then regular updates


booklet (A/5 format)

visual elements, real bridges, rivers, sketches, drawings, photos etc. texts references, architecture, secret radios, portable cellular phones technical infos, transcriptions, addresses of participants and stations, index of names, contacts for blind people,
Babel situation


darkness, education of the ear, thinking loud, different data in different senses, the criptographic translation dismantling borders - sender, transmitter, receiver
aura extension
geometrical substance of borders
The spoken language as the most basic territory

Should also include...

The three zones strategy,
and interferences between them : connections and nodes

  1. 1.literary, focused, narrow, traditonal, narrative, linear interpretation,
  2. 2.abstract interpretion as live sound performances, artistic use,
    non-conventional use, translations, misunterstandings, casuality, randomness
  3. 3.general interpretion: feedback (bridges, backtranslations, web links)
    independent radio activity, criptography, radio links
Backward translation strategy, psychodynamics of translation, expanding the potential meanings instead of narrowing them down (inverse bottleneck effect)


3. Knitting the brains

(concerning artistic direction on a higher level, a meta-language built from the proposals and projects)

  • Making proposals available to others, if they connect or could connect.

  • Arranging for regular communications of the possible partners

  • Documenting the events by vertical interrelations between segments of the events

  • Putting up the cooperation matrix

  • Connection with other events and festivals (ISEA, SIGGRAPH)...

  • Non broadcast supporting events, context stations


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Janos Sugar
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