The 18 HOURS

  • We launched r/b-live! This page will be permantly refuelled!
  • Leave this page open, turn on your radio receiver.... in the evening at Ö1 and FM4 (only in Austria)
  • The IRC is now open at
    #RIVBRIpub  and  #RIVBRIprivate
  • Do you wanna win a dinner with august black, a great kude guy?
    The first 50 replies get the price. Just write an email!
  • Link of the moment...(16h30)
  • To garanty a better access for listeners, we are doing reguarly a short break in the streams. If you are still interested, just reenter the stream! (17h20)
  • newsflash: 18.24: have a look at the live cam to see us working on this stuff in the studio
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Wei-Fu Chu from taiwan wrote:
    "Rivers and Bridges" is conceptually so inspiring as "folds and Rhizomes" proposed by late Gilles Deleuze.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    thanks, and stay vertical!(18h30)
  • all streams untill now are coming over satellite and are mixed together in our studio with other sources.
    the animated logos are more referring to a later status of r/b, which will start with the fugue.
    So watch out.. (19h30)
  • fugue started! Listen and try to follow?! (19h30) - finished by now
  • We are offerin now the second stream by Radio TNC.
    Take care in activating the right stream! (20h40)
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Patrick Maun wrote:
    (...) Evenings I often take my kayak (...) in to my mouth. I smell the methane and taste the filth. I am part of this river.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    We think: Dear Patrik. We hope, hope, hope, you got not drunken! (21h15)
  • All Stars /Linz event is going to happen at 22.00h ! Get ready. Start catering!
  • Listen to All Stars!
    there are more stars in heaven than on the ground... (22h50)
  • Send us comments and commands...
  • Allstars (LINZ) are at the moments NOT working. Stay boomed...
  • We took out the linz-links. Sorry all you stars!
  • Linz is up again, an all our starrrrrs (24h00)
  • And again:
    Are you feeling lonely?
    Only you and your pets?
    Nothing in TV?

    Visit the irc at #RIVBRIpub (00h35)
  • From: Numero Civico,,Internet Subject: To: Kunstradio E' veramente una cosa strepitosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sto sentendo contemporaneamente la radio RAI Audio Box e Internet (con Realaudio) Ripeto: E' veramente entusiasmante. E' assolutamente decisivo per tutti noi percepire e riflettere (su) un evento come questo (...) grazie per questo grande evento che ci fa stare in modo convincente su questa terra grazie all'immateriale, grazie alla materialit=E0 Stefano

    Thank you, cause we understand nothing. Million kratzie..(1h00)

  • Stay tuned on our real audio program ! Overseas contributions starting now..
  • For listeners in Austria: FM4 starts broadcasting
  • r/b now for 12hours on steam
    we got logins from: germany, france, italy, denmark, slovakia, cech republic, sweden, japan, usa, brazil, ..., alltogether nearly 100 countries, also from china.

    hi you people out there, we are just warmed up..
    (2h00 MEZ)

  • Main projects for the live event are over, so you wont see too much visual changes of this pages, BUT
    -streams will continue untill 6h00 (actually broadcasting radio patabue...
    -visit the audio postcards at time-page (2h30)
  • From: Olaf Voss,,Internet Subject: ribri To: Kunstradio ah - war ein grosser spass, und fuer euch auch, wie ich hoffe - auch wenn wir von den anderen aufgrund aermlichkeit und anderer misslicher umstaende rein gar nichts mitbekommen haben: und um's uns vom real audio aus dem web zu holen, langte unser browser nicht. (..)
    lasst mir gelegentlich homepageadressen und email-anschluesse jener anderen beteiligten projekte zukommen.
    dank und gruss friedrich (2h50)
  • we are continuing with denmaterial (4h00)
  • actually broadcasting hamburg (4h30)
  • ponte mollino, startin now (5h00)
  • last bridge has been crossed at 6h00 MET
    one small bridge for us, but one... (dammed, this was someone else)