I Silenzi Parlano Tra Loro

On line The network of the different sub-projects feeding and shaping Sound Drifting from remote locations in Austria, Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Yugoslavia and virtual locations becomes transparent and accessible as an on-going virtual installation by means of a web interface structured and designed by the artists of the Kunstradio web team.

This interface tries to link the pages of all sub-projects and features live-streams and live-webcams for easy access.

* cwis.livjm.ac.uk
* http://iem.kug.ac.at/ritsch/
* iosonic.medien.uni-weimar.de
* www.radioqualia.va.com.au
* www.firstfloor.org/piano/html/index.html
* www.sseyo.com
* www.toysatellite.com.au
* www.front.bc.ca/silence
* www.21ca.com/glide/
* alien-productions.mur.at/gen
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