I Silenzi Parlano Tra Loro

On site at different locations in Graz, Linz, Melbourne and Weimar, the sounds being generated and processed at entry points around the globe are rendered into different manifestations for local audiences.
These on site-versions of Sound Drifting explore different potentials of sound drifting through physical spaces - from the immersive to the ambient. Some of the mixes manifesting themselves in on-site installations are fed back on line to the Internet

Weimar : Sept.1-6
    Bauhaus University, Limona Building
Melbourne : Sept 4-9
    Toy Satellite Studios
Graz : Sept 4-9
    ESC, im Labor Graz
Linz : Sept 4-9
    O.K, Centrum für Gegenwartskunst OÖ, Media Deck
    Skymedialoft at AEC
    ORF Landesstudio Oberösterreich

Several of the Sound Drifting projects make use of a specific local ambience as their point of origin / sound-sources without necessarily rendering the incoming streams for the local audience e.g.:
Plant Room: the Plant (service machinery) Room in the attic of theLiverpool Institute for Performing Arts
Public Piano: the Lux at Western Front, Vancouver
Communication Noises: streets of Belgrade
Tat Fat Size Temple: a street in Fitzroy, Melbourne
A Mic: the Brucknerhaus in Linz
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