Tetsuo Kogawa

"Natural Radia"

live from ORF studio RP4
with Hank Bull on the telephone from Vancouver
April 7th, 11 pm CEST

live audio stream

workshop at 
the Akad. of fine art workshop at 
the rhiz
workshops by tetsuo kogawa in vienna

In his performance "Natural Radia" Kogawa builds FM transmitters with microphones, puts them at different places around the space and tunes the radio receivers to the frequencies of the transmitters. The receivers are being set at different places in the process of the performance. Arranging, tuning and mixing process are shown in the studio space. "Given the difference of transmitting and receiving capabilities of the receivers and the transmitters and also the distance between them, the space has a variety of sounds: direct, looped, howling and unexpected. All process of making, setting, tuning and mixing (without using any ready-made mixer at all) is the performance work" (Kogawa). The phenemonology of transmission takes place in one single, multilayered communication space, extended by a live telephone interview with the media artist Hank Bull from Vancouver that brings in another concept and possiblity of communication - and carries on the tradition of "Wiencouver" projects. Explanations of functions and possiblities of transmitting and communication media as well as Kogawas position in the art context become part of the broadcast. In the foreground stands, just as the futurist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Pino Masnata demanded in their manifesto "La Radia", the transmission of in this case "natural" sounds from the space data itself. Communication is brought back to the immediate surrounding.

Sound technician/ Technik: Gerald Ernst & Gerhard Wieser
webteam: August Black & Martin Breindl

in zusammenarbeit mit / in collaboration with: phonoTAKTIK.02

Ein Wiencouver Projekt / A Wiencouver Project