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A sound-battle between
Felix Kubin and Wojtek Kucharczyk
live from the ORF Studio RP4

A Co-production of DeutschlandRadio Berlin and Ö1 Kunstradio

The German sound and radio artist Felix Kubin and the experimental electronic artist Wojtek Kucharczyk from Poland meet for a noisy national match in several sets, patching very typical, striking elements of their respective culture and confronting these with eachother. Annulment of borderlines. It's all about getting to know eachother without diplomacy - soundwise referring to traditions like gang fights, disputes, and posing: Besides sounds of everyday life, as well as chopped political pitches, street sounds, from bars, clubs, and underground shafts, also randomly picked up material and short fragments of music from one's own cultural heritage are used to outgo the other player by means of wit, inventiveness, speed or simply by acting as a loudmouth. Just like with pinball or computer games, an acoustic signal defines when it's time to take turns; it's also possible to overlay different sound sources. Right in the sense of a collage-like musique-concrète, the noisy, the experimental elements are focused on.

Territerrortorium is a project by the Syndikat für Gegenlärm.

Artists' statement:
"Felix Kubin and Wojtek Kucharczyk share a passion for noise and electro-pop in virtro. In the piercing laboratory of the Syndikat für Gegenlärm (syndicate for counter-noise), they dissolve the border between Germany and Poland in order to skirmish a sound-battle in between, in Nobodyland. Whilst looting one's own cultural trash, everything that utters sonicly, is brought onto the stage of international understanding, from talking crosswalks to Slav dogs' barking, to anthems without bottom brackets. Prejudices rage in the German-Polish forests. But anyway, Kucharczyk and Kubin act in a sense of punk rather than in diplomacy: First shout, and don't regret."