The symposium Acoustic.Space.Lab was centered around a 32 meter radio telescope - formerly a Soviet military antenna -at Irbene, Latvia and ended with an international streaming event in Riga. Taking off from the experiences and possibilities of the Internet and the notion of an "horizontal radio", i.e. radio as communications-media making full use of its synchronous and asynchronous potential, the symposium Acoustic.Space.Lab investigated the real and metaphorical scope of the past and present of an "Extended Radio".

 The remote contribution by Kunstradio to Acoustic.Space.Lab. consisted of three different parts:

  • Radio as Interface:
    shortwave-mediumwave-telephone-on line

     Between Aug 6th and Aug 12th 2001, telephone-reports from and on line contributions to Acoustic.Space.Lab were broadcast in different formats on shortwave, mediumwave and again on the Internet.

  • a retrospective of real events:
    a live streaming event

     From the Kunstradio office in Vienna, August Black and Manfred Soellner contributed live on line to the final streaming-event of the Acoustic.Space.Lab symposium (August 12th)

  • Extended Radio / History:
    projects and texts from the archives

     A Kunstradio on line Special featuring exemplary radio-art-projects and related texts from the 80s and 90s supporting the notion of "Extended Radio".