among_others 3 - group I: KANTINE - 28.04. - 09.05.'99


born1961 in Somerset, England

1984-87 Studies at the CityLiterary Institute, London (theory and practise of electro-acoustic and experimental music, with Phillip Wachsmann)
1992 Founding member, The Institution of Rot, London, England (with NickCouldry)
1998-99 Tutorials, MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, England

Selected Solo Shows/Installations

1998 'Speaking the shade', Schlachthof, Bremen (Pro Musica NovaFestival)
1997 'Speaking the shade', Goethe Institut, Sydney, Australia 'Opening of the Mouth, Perth, Australia (commissioned for the Festival of Perth)
'Bad Habitus Project', John Paynter Gallery and Police Museum, Newcastle, Australia
1996 'Grenzgänger', Artspace, Sydney, Australia
1994 'Fleischerei', Knaack Str 34, Berlin, Germany
1993 'Black Iris - Nigredo (series)', 53 Cross Street, London, 'The Institution of Rot - a house with objects', Institution of Rot, London, England
1992 'Surgery - (private work)', Institution of Rot, London, England

Selected Group Installations/Exhibitions

1999 'Among Others', Künsthalle Exnergasse, Wien, Austria (scheduled)
'After Beckett', Het Consortium, Amsterdam, Holland (scheduled) 1997 'Liaison', 11-29 Fashion Street, London, England
'Heretic', Old Operating Theatre, London, England 1996 'The Noisiness of Bodies', The Institution of Rot, London, (including Maria Loura Estevao, Heimo Lattner, Anna Scheer, Sarah Marrs a.o.)
'Macro', Omniversum, Den Haag, Netherlands (with sound artists Richard Barrett)
1995 'Nächtlich Geshürtz', (night bar) 53 Cross Street, London,
1993 'Bar Godot', Beckett Late Nights Festival, Volksbühne, Berlin (with Roland Brus)
1989 'The Feed', London Film makers Co-op, London, England (w/ David Goldenberg)

Selected Performance

1998 'Reality-Checks' (with Anna Scheer), Berlin Congress forPerformance
1997 'Wahn-Bild', Good Friends Club, at Gießerei-Projekt Sprachraum, Berlin
1996 'Auto-ikon', University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia, (Auto-Manic Conference)
'Theurgy - Messe Basse', The Performance Space, Sydney, (100 Hundred Years of Cruelty/Artaud Conference) 1995 'Blind site - death words', Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic (with Nick Couldry)
'Royal Sweat Bath', Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen, Denmark 1994 'Klammer auf Klammer zu', with Die Ratten,Directed by Roland Brus,
Beckett Late Nights Festival, Volksbühne, Berlin 1992 'Hospital of the Soul', London Film makers Co-op, London,
1989 'Live Electronic Dissections', ICA, London, England

Curatorial Projects:

1996 'The Four Humours', 'The Noisiness of Bodies', Institution of Rot, London


Performance "GRENZGÄNGER" 1989

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