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Kaffe Matthews

Essex female Kaffe Matthews, has been making and performing new musics via all kinds of digital gadgetry around the world for the past fifteen years.

From a background in classical violin, a Zoology degree, studying with W.African drummers, acid house engineering and a masters in Music Technology, she is now most known for her live and dangerous sampling performances of a violin and particular places in real time: heard in installations, on stage, in galleries, clubs, concert halls, tents, churches, warehouses, or ambient tea rooms.

The music is vast, sculpted into textural landscapes, vibrating granular technohymns, through her on stage processings with LiSa (live sampling STEIM software) with sometime use of random material via carefully located outside microphones or some musical collaborator.

Recently she has collaborated with Charles Hayward, Pan Sonic, Butch Morris's conduction,the BROOD, Neotropic (aka Riz Maslem), Thomas Koner, Kingsuk Biswas(Bedouin Ascent), artist Mandy McIntosh (see, guit-artist John Bissett and forthcoming ('98-99) a desert uplink with Australian wire music merchant Alan Lamb.

Teaching-wise, she introduced and established the course Performance Technology, to Dartington College of Arts, Devon, UK ('91-'95) and is now tutoring violin and live electronic techniques to students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. Through '94 to '97 she worked as a director for Sonic Arts Network and the London Musicians Collective.

She has just released her second solo work, made from a ten date tour of the industrial NE USA and regularly performs all over Europe and UK. So: please refer to for more information

"VIRTUAL VIOLIN VIRTUOSO,..... shows an extraordinary range of improvisatory imagination".
the WIRE.

Clive Bell, Resonance, UK.

" Produces soundscapes of rigorous intent and shocking beauty"
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, USA.

" Stockhausen crossed with the Boredoms ",
the Independant, UK

" A raw and densely layered exploration of sound, always clear, always intelligently constructed. a painter or novelist..... the physicality of playing is at the heart of Matthews music." Avant, UK

Selected discography
* "a text of violin music" video+Simon Biggs ('95),
* the Soundworks Exchange 2 Shinkansen+Goethe Institute ('96).
* David Toop's " Pink Noir" ('96),
* cdAnn AWcd0001 Annette Works ('97)
* cdBea AWcd0002 Annette Works ('98)
* Rude Mechanic ( a collaboration with Panaonic) awe. june 98