With ao3, Daniela Swarowsky brings a project to Vienna, which presents and conveys art in a different way. 16 international artists from the fields of visual arts and music/sound will communicate intermedially over a period of four weeks at Kunsthalle Exnergasse (KHEX), an alternative art space. The artists will meet for the first time to work at KHEX in four groups, 12 days each. The main goal of their work is the experiment, the artistic production as interactive and communicative process.

Together, they will develop inter-related environments and installations to do research in crossing of the different media. The change of the groups will be overlapping and thus emphasizes the process quality of ao3.

Hence, there is room for common improvisations, but on the other hand, existing stuctures can also be dissolved. The barrier between art production and art perception will also be questioned. Since the space is open to the public during the whole period of the project, the audience will be included into the process and can perceive the development of artistic expression.

ao3 on air & online: ao3 will take place in cooperation with Kunstradio (art radio) via realaudio & real video on internet and radio Parallel to the artistic processes at KHEX, there will be intermedia performances, concerts and soundinstallations in the big hall of WUK, echoraum, & rhiz.

4 group processes at Kunsthalle Exnergasse (KHEX)

KANTINE: group1 (28. 4. - 9. 5.)    simul/T: group2 (5. - 16. 5.)
Richard Crow (GB) visuals/performance    Jérôme Noetinger (F) sound/electronics
Clive Graham (GB) audio/sound    Lionel Marchetti (F) sound
Heimo Lattner (A, US) visuals/sounds    Peter Morrens (B) visual artist
Kaffe Matthews (GB) violin/electronics   

MUTE: group3 (12. - 23. 5.)    % = %: group4 (19. - 29. 5.)
Werner Dafeldecker (A) composer/electronics    Christoph Bangert (BRD) visual artist
Erin McGonigle (NY) environments/sounds    Jens Brand (BRD) artist/musician
N.I.C.J.O.B. (A, F) video-sampling/sound-doping    Manuel Mota (P) guitar/electronics/visual
Axel Stockburger (A) visuals/videos    An Seebach (BRD) visual artist
   Shinichi Yanai (J) visual artist

Performances and concerts in the framework of ao3

Andres Bosshard (CH) soundinstallation >> Christof Cargnelli (A) soundinstallation >> DJ Gollini (A) >> Ulrich Krieger (BRD) saxophone >> Alan Licht (US) guitar/electronics >> Metamkine (Jérôme Noetinger, Christophe Auger, Xavier Quérel) film/sound >> Phill Niblock (US) drones/film >> DJ Plak (A) >> DJ Pulsinger (A) >> DJ Pure (A) >> Dean Roberts (NZ) guitar/electronics >> Burkhard Stangl (A) guitar >> Peter Szely (A) soundinstallation >> Michael Vorfeld (BRD) Licht-Klang-Performance >> Martin Zrost (A) guitar

ao3 Infoline: Kunsthalle Exnergasse 401 21/42
ao3 tickets: WUK box office: 401 2170 (Mon thru Fri 2 to 6 pm)