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Radio works by Anna Friz

1) “Short Horizon: Bees on Waves”

2) “Short Horizon: Sterling Road” 

3) “Respire”

4) “For the time being (clock radio mix)”

The last program of Kunstradio's focus on Canadian radio art presents works by Canadian artist Anna Friz, who  divides her time between Chicago and Montreal. Since 1998 she has predominantly created self-reflexive radio for broadcast, installation or performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the work. The following works have been created between 2008 and 2010 as radio installation or broadcasts.

1, 2) “Short Horizon: Bees on Waves, and Sterling Road”

soundPLAY "Bees on Waves"

soundPLAY "Sterling Road"

Two short pieces from a series called Short Horizon, where Friz blends field recordings with recordings made in Herzian space from across the dial. This practice of urban field(s) recording broadly proposes transmission as an environmental state or landscape in and of itself. Of particular interest is the relative flatness and depth perceivable in both acoustic and Hertzian space, and the diminishing horizon in the contemporary city as a result of urban design and an exponential increase in wireless infrastructure (or EM clutter). All recordings were made in Toronto, Canada, from 2008 to 2010, and produced as part of the activities of the collective L.O.T.: Experiments in Urban Research ( 

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3) “Respire”


Respire is an intimate experience of radio transmission, featuring a multi-channel array of suspended radio receivers and micro-watt transmitters. Sounds of breathing and other bodily exclamations typically absent from regular radio programming seep up through the welter of signals, as the receivers play and emit their own oscillating frequencies. This milieu of harmonic interference and uneasy nighttime respirations reveals the invisible contours of the radio landscape that surrounds us. sounds are created from instruments that echo human breath (harmonica) or the detuned radio landscape (theremin).

Respire is a sister piece built from some elements of You are far from us, an earlier performance for multi-channel radio receiver and transmitter array.  For Kunstradio, the artist has created a stereo piece from the installation composition of Respire.

Respire has been shown internationally as a performance and an installation at RadiaLX 2008, Lisbon, Portugal; Sound Thinking , Canada (2009); CCRMA, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA (2009); Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada (2009), and the Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL (2011).

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4) “For the time being (clock radio mix)

Photo by Tuuli Kyttälä


In this radio mix, Anna Friz considers different ways of perceiving and counting time, from institutional clocks to more erratic organic rhythms, to bodily cycles, where time is metered in breaths.

Commissioned by Kimmo Modig of the Äänen Lumo: Festival of New Sounds in Helsinki, and co-produced by YLE Finland, this piece explores the subjective rhythms of micro-local time and experience against the standardization of Åeuniversal timeÅf in broadcast media. This piece records time passing in Helsinki, measured in both the regulated time that otherwise rules our lives through mediated timekeeping via watches, mobile phones, radio, television, train schedules, and in the polyrhythms of the city at dawn and dusk.

This piece was made in collaboration with five students from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki: Ina Aaltojarvi, Roy Boswell, Ilpo Heikkinen, Tuuli Kyttälä, and Johannes Vartolaout. These five intrepid agents went out once a month for four months (beginning June 21, 2010) to a location of their choosing in Helsinki at either sunset or sunrise to record the ambience. They were also asked to count passing moments aloud, based on the rhythm of some characteristic element of their chosen site. Finally, they recorded some incidences of time-keeping from broadcast media heard in Helsinki. Once Friz received their recordings and sound journals from each recording session, she crafted a score, with some rules attached to it, which the five agents (under the name Suomen Teatteriorkesteri) performed for the opening of Äänen Lumo in Helsinki on Monday, November 8, 2010. Meanwhile, she composed this piece specially for broadcast.

soundStatement Anna Friz

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