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Art's Birthday 2008 – Thursday, 17th January 2008

on line and on site: 8 pm to 12 pm CET (7 - 11 GMT)
at Studio 3, ORF Funkhaus, Argentinierstraße 30a, 1040 Vienna
on air: 11 pm to 12 pm CET (10 - 11 GMT) OE1 (FM; SW; MW)

Art's Birthday Party - course of events

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20:00alien productions: a tribute to E. C.
20:05Volkmar Klien - Netzrundschau
20:30Musikarbeiterkapelle: Das Modell
20:35Elvira Fujii & Herbert Weixelbaum
21:00Musikarbeiterkapelle: Move it
21:05Max Mayerhofer & Ludwig Bekic
21:30Musikarbeiterkapelle: Can't get you out of my head
21:35Andrea Sodomka / Daniel Lercher

*indefinite field #1*

by Andrea Sodomka and Daniel Lercher

Daniel Lercher and Andrea Sodomka honour the founder of Art’s Birthday, Robert Filliou, in an electronic music duet, inspired by an action poem by Filliou.

“And if it is night, if it is his
night, or my night, or thy night, or her
night, or our night, or your night, or their night.

And if the time is his, or mine,
or thine, or hers, or ours, or yours, or theirs.

And even before deciding, perhaps
it is boring to decide. Better, he
thinks, to accept all the possibilities in
advance. Better to accept all the possibilities
in advance and accepting them
always, to remain beyond that region
where everything is parcelled out, and
everybody is owned by what he owns.”

(from: Yes - an action poem by Robert Filliou)

Daniel Lercher

22:00Musikarbeiterkapelle: No Limit
22:05Rupert Huber / Volkmar Klien - Geschenkrundschau
22:30Ingo Leindecker & Doris Prlic
23:05Sendung – Signation / Robert Filliou "Whispered Art History"
23:06Moderation H. Jasbar / Hintergrund Volkmar Kliens Netzrundschau
23:09alien productions: a tribute to E. C.
23:14Herbert Weixelbaum
23:19Rupert Huber / Volkmar Klien - Geschenkrundschau
23:29Matthias Makowsky, Christian Friedrich, Robert Schwarz
23:39Musikarbeiterkapelle: Que Sera, sera
23:44Max Mayerhofer & Ludwig Bekic
23:49Andrea Sodomka / Daniel Lercher: indefinite field # 1
23:54Musikarbeiterkapelle: Around the World
Photo by: Matthias Makowsky