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In 2009 the Ars Acustica (AA) group is joining the international Art's Birthday Parties already for the 5th time. This year the Ars Acustica is celebrating Art’s Birthday on January 16th - the evening before the birthday. Radio artists are involved by the members of the group to focus on the saying “Safe and Sound”. In a rapidly changing and increasingly unforeseeable world, safety has become a major concern on many levels of public and private life. The double meaning of the word sound as acoustic phenomenon and as synonym for good health points to the role of the aural sense and the voice as crucial devices of human self-perception.

The Ars Acustica Group has joined the international Art’s Birthday parties in 2004. Since then it organizes the contributed contents like most of the participants of the Art’s Birthday Network ( do - as "presents" for ART. Via ISDN-lines and/or the Internet the contributions are collected at two points, in Vienna (ORF) and Stockholm (SR), where they are sent to the two EBU satellite channels Ravel (R) and Verdi (V). Both satellite channels (R and V) offer “ready-to-broadcast” materials along with signature-tunes and broadcast-identifications. Both channels can also be further mixed or remixed with other live-material.

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Schedule Channel RAVEL

Live Stream


19:05 – 19:20 ORF Kunstradio, Vienna - Live from Hainburg


IMA Orchestra of Sound Machines
Live from the exhibition “Magical Soundmachines ” in Hainburg, Austria

on site: Kulturfabrik Hainburg
on line:
on air: Österreich 1 ( 23:05 – 24:00 CET (22:05 – 23:00 GMT)

Eva Ursprung / Polyvox
Katharina Klement / Neo Bechstein Flügel
Cordula Bösze / Theremin
Ushi Reiter / Edison Phonograph
Reni Hofmüller / Mockingboard

special guests:
Seppo Gründler / Hönig Synthesizer, Markus Decker / Grammophone

Elisabeth Schimana

“safe and sound” variations on 7 themes

7 pieces of music recorded on wax cylinder or shellac disk are set to be interpreted and played in variations by the IMA Orchestra of Sound Machines.

Aerial soundscapes: From the subtle sound of an Edison Phonograph to Arctic whirls of a Polyvox, ethereous waves of a Theremin to digital fighter game sounds of a Mocking Board, from eternal envelopes of a Hönig-Synthesizer to the gyrations of gramophones and accompanied by neo-Bechstein Karaoke.



Eva Ursprung

lives and works in graz/austria. performances, installations, objects, art in the public, electronic and social spaces. working with video, photography and sound. (music-)performances. bass and sax with „zlan“, saxofon with „wavegroom“ and „squant“, laptop with „electric orquestra“, „notorious noise brigade“ and „hurennoise“.
founder of „eva & co“, a feministic journal for culture and a female artists-group (1982-92); from 1993 president of the arts association W.A.S. (Womyn’s Art Support),; from 1998 „artistic net group 42“,;
2008 founding of „schaumbad – freies atelierhaus graz“;
traveller on the danube, africa-researcher, networkerin, musician.

Katharina Klement

Born in Graz, Austria
Studies: piano, composition, electroacoustic and experimental music at the Institute of Composition and Electroacoustic Music, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Works as composer-performer in the field of notated, improvised, instrumental and electronic music: instrumental and electronic compositions, crossover projects combining music and text, language and video. Numerous works for mechanical and electronically prepared piano. Sound installations. Founding member of several improvisation ensembles.
Received prizes, scholarships and commissioned works.
Concerts and performances in Austria and abroad. Numerous cd productions.
Since 2006 teaching Computer Music and Electronic Media at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Lives in Vienna

Cordula Bösze

born in 1964, in Bad Ischl (Upper Austria); studied flute with Hans Reznicek and Wolfgang Schulz at the Vienna Hochschule for Music.
From 1993 teacher at the Music-School in Tulln, where she founded a composer’s-workshop for children togehter with Christoph Wichert; from 2004 teacher at the Jeunesse Children’s Orchestra Camp in Graz.
Member of the IMA-board („Institute for Media-Archaeology“; exhibition „Magical Sound-Machines“ Sept. 08 – Apr. 09, Kulturfabrik Hainburg,

Woodwind-Quintett QuinTonic (
boesze:fuchs:noid ( (Annette Giesriegl – voice, Manon-Liu Winter – extended piano)

Cooperation with composers and musicians like Klaus Hollinetz, Katharina Klement, Hannes Raffaseder, Fritz Keil, Karlheinz Essl, Elisabeth Schimana and others.

2007 Solo „Was macht der Wind, wenn er nicht weht?“ (echoraum)
2008 Jeunesse-Production „Wind und weiter“ with Karin Schaefer-Visual-Theatre (Konzerthaus)

Ushi Reiter

studied visual design and communication at the "KunstuniverstätLinz". As web developer, graphic designer and artist with a special interesst in net.activism and audio-visual communication she has been collaborating with different groups and artists since 1998. She continues to work on the analysis of design and non-commercial communication tools in the frame of cultural production and work on conceptual and performative setups using electronic and analog media. In 2002, she joined the FACES team. Since June 2005 Reiter runs the non-commercial cultural backbone organisation Kunst & Kultur im Netz.

Reni Hofmüller

artist, musician, composer, performer, organizer and activist in the fields of usage of (new) media, technology and politics in general, engaged in develpoment of contemporary art.

Markus Decker

linz based artist m.decker started makeing music arround 1995 useing some soundcards and synthesizers for techno tracks, noise, electro and first experiments
with audio visual surfaces together with d.offenhuber. after participating in the media arts scene, he played in various ensembles, mainly noise groups, collaborating with richard herbst, ushi reiter, wolfgang fuchs, joachim schnaitter, ... .  he's a operator at firstfloor.electronix, an international artgroup. m.d. has released tracks on some compilations as well as two releases based on artworks, "from dust till dawn" 2006 12inch and "helix synthesis" 1999 cd-r. one release with ushi reiter - decker/quotenregelung-out of sync, alltogether at asum records diy media documentary. and a one side wax on dilemma record's noise series.

Seppo Gründler

is an austrian based artist dealing over 25 years with music, sound, communication art and tinkering (media, software, electronic devices...). Born 1956 in Celovec , he lives in Graz, his main instruments are guitar and elecronics/computers. Ongiong live projects are the Klammer&Gruendler Duo and Nomadic Producers (with actor Rupert Lehofer) and his solo performance "tun was geschieht". Besides he is head of the master degree studies "media and interaction design" at the University of applied Science FH-Joanneum.

19:20 – 19:40 SK/SR, Bratislava - Live from Hainburg (Austria) 
19:40 – 20:00 CZCR - Live from Prague (Czech Republic) 
20:00 – 20:20 RTVSLO - Live from Ljubljana (Slovenia) 
20:20 – 20:40 RNE - Live from Madrid (Spain) 
20:40 – 21:00 Ward Weis - Live from Antwerp (Belgium)Website   
21:00 – 21:20 RTS - Live from Belgrade (Serbia) 
21:20 – 21:40 VPRO - Live from Hilversum (The Netherlands)Website   
21:40 – 22:00 Radio Tilos, Budapest - Live from Hainburg (Austria)Website   
22:00 – 22:20 VPRO - Live from Hilversum (The Netherlands)Website   
22:20 – 22:40 RTP - Live from Lisbon (Portugal) 
22:40 – 23:00 RTR - Live from Moscow (Russia)Website   

Schedule Channel VERDI

Live Stream

19:05 – 19:10 - SR - Live from Stockholm (Sweden)Website   
19:10 – 19:30 - YLE - Live from Helsinki (Finland) 
19:30 – 19:50 - YLE - Live from Helsinki (Finland) 
19:50 – 20:10 - ERR - Live from Tallinn (Estonia)Website   
20:10 – 20:30 - GRF/SRF - Live from Paris (France) 
20:30 – 20:50 - PRT/PR- Live from Warsaw (Poland) 
20:50 – 21:10 - CR - Live from Prague (Czech Republic) 
21:10 – 21:30 - DKU - Live from Berlin (Germany)Website   
21:30 – 21:50 - RSR - Live from Lausanne (Switzerland) 
21:50 – 22:10 - SWR - Live from Baden-Baden (Germany) 
22:10 – 22:30 - RTBF - Live from Brussels (Belgium) 
22:30 – 22:55 - SR - Live from Stockholm (Sweden)